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Celemi Decision Base
What is Celemi Decision Base ?

Celemi - Decision Base - brings people to learn Decision Making Skills. In this Business Simulation, six capital-intensive companies compete for Customers in a highly competitive, rapidly changing marketplace. Participants play the role of Management Teams comprised of Finance, Production, Marketing & Corporate Intelligence. Their challenge is to make the right investment at the right time and to get the required return. Teams practice Decision Making as they choose from strategic, operational and financial variables that will help lower costs and penetrate new markets. .

How does Celemi - Decision Base enhance capabilities of your Functional Heads ?

Working together, participants develop Leadership & Entrepreneurship perspective as they learn to utilize financial ratios as planning tools to boost productivity & profitability over a 10-year period. They appreciate the complex nature of cross-functional financial relationships, understand what it takes to pull in the same direction & how to bring those new Management Decision Making skills & insights into reality. Some tough choices participants will learn to make : | Invest now or later ? | | Pursue all markets or just a few ? | | Take the lead or be an early follower ? | | Build efficient assembly lines or flexible flow shop ? | | Borrow money.. or earn it first? | | Stick to the basics or pursue the cutting edge ? |

What are the benefits for your Organization?

Companies around the world employ Decision Base as a Leadership Development initiative, to improve the knowledge and strategic Decision Making Skills of their executives, managers and key employees. Benefits include: * Improved productivity of Cross Functional Teams through better teamwork, communication and coordination * Alignment around the 'big picture' and a deeper level understanding of strategy and tactical initiatives * Better decisions for optimal allocation of limited resources * Increased responsiveness to internal and external customer needs * Heightened business acumen * Deep understanding of the overall business impact of financial decisions. * Nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Who benefits from Celemi Decision Base ?
  • All personnel in functional & Cross Functional Teams with responsibilities like finance, manufacturing, marketing & corporate intelligence - especially in capital-intensive companies - build cross functional insight & align with a common vocabulary of performance measures.
  • Sales People, Service Providers and Consultancies gain a better understanding of their Clients’ business conditions.
  • Companies implementing new IT architectures (such as Business Information, Supply Chain, or CRM) use Celemi - Decision Base to identify hot buttons.
  • Business school, corporate universities and academies can use this as part of their management development and entrepreneurship development tracks to introduce and apply strategy, business economics and finance competencies.

Running Celemi - Decision Base - requires top notch facilitation skills, rich business understanding, strategic thinking, swift execution skills and a flair for synergy. Consultants from Mercuri India fit the bill brilliantly, as they come with rich hands on business experience, and the learning rigour that comes with running this simulation for Clients from across a wide range of industries and geographies.

To know how Celemi - Decision Base - can help your people get better at pulling in the same direction, contact us today. A Mercuri Consultant will be glad to assist you.

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