The Power of Resilience

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Do you expect to close every time you are on a sales visit? Nothing could be more stressful!

Of course, a smart salesperson should always be closing. But not with every sales visit. In institutional sales or B2B, for instance, you will have multiple stakeholders with varying degrees of interest and authority in the deal. This could mean several visits, before the deal reaches anywhere near closure. Quite often this is true with other types of sales as well.

How can you make each sales visit productive and meaningful? Here comes a Mercuri India Webinar that helps you find some pointers, towards making this happen, without the stress.

Listen and chat with Ravi Sundaram, Managing Director, Mercuri India as he shares his insights gained from more than three decades of working with the most discerning business leaders across multiple industries and geographies.

This 40 minute webinar is sure to light a spark.. in taking your sales to a higher level..

In the interest of an effective interactive webinar experience, we will have a maximum of 20 participants only. So, book your seat right away by filling in the form below.

See you at 255PM on 17th April 2017, at the webinar!


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To download the insight document, as a pre-read to the webinar, go here.