Sales Performance Consulting

"It is not just the slow down or the inflation. I intuitively feel our Sales Performance can be a lot lot better! We are a great sales team!  I only need help with putting my finger on what exactly the issue is, and then get my arms around making that growth happen" -  If this sounds like your inner voice, we are here to listen, to help you overcome. Let's talk.  Let's make sales happen!

Unique sales diagnostics, strategy and process solutions that integrate proprietary concepts of Mercuri International

A valuable legacy from our founder Curt Abrahamsson

The Mercuri India approach to Sales Performance Consulting:

Proprietary concepts in Sales Performance Improvement have been at the heart of Mercuri International’s Sales Training Programmes conducted worldwide over the past decades. The experience has given us the expertise to precisely diagnose your current Sales Performance to assess potential for improvement and design a most practical and powerful top management intervention to achieve that improvement. Here is an illustration of the process we use, with examples from the Real Estate Sector:

  • Starting point: Your sense of an unrealized potential for company’s business.
  • We will use our expertise to collect and collate your thoughts and facts
  • Definition of a project fully in line with your company’s business situation
  • Output created by us in a form usable immediately
  • Boost in Sales Performance

Are you a Level 4 Real Estate Sales Team Leader?

How can you support your Real Estate Sales Teams, to transform Sales? Are you a Level 4 Sales Team Leader?

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Do Your On-Site Sales Teams Unlock Value of Intangibles?

“What?” said Aneesh “Don’t tell me you’ve booked already! When I called you last Sunday, you were still unsure about buying a property in the first place”

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5 Traps that weaken Conversion of your Walk-ins to Sales

“Happy Diwali Arun” said Jayant, CEO, Charmed Life Properties “When are you lighting our sales fireworks?”

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Is Your Sales Team Equipped to Harvest the Bounty?

Global Real Estate Services Firm JLL India’s predicts an increase in home purchase affordability across all markets in India in 2020, despite a fall in household income

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Are Your Real Estate Channel Partner Relationships Working for You?

“You see what this is?” asked Narayan, smiling. He was pointing to a wooden statuette on his table.

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Projects in brief :

Seen below is a list of selected Sales Consulting Projects we have handled for discerning Clients across industries and geographies. As you read through them, keep ticking the boxes that articulate what you have on your mind. Don’t bother about getting the exact words right.. Just tick if those ideas are somewhat likely to improve your Sales Performance.

If you intuitively feel your  Sales Performance  could be much better, and want to get your arms around making that growth happen,  Contact Us  right away. We will work with you in realizing the  Sales Performance  you aspire for.

Check out our ability to deliver a wide range of Bespoke Sales Training and Consulting Solutions, across related domains, that transform your Sales Performance. Our offerings include :

Sales & Service Competencies Development

At Mercuri India, we understand Customer needs and what it takes to meet and exceed them across touch-points.

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Business and Leadership

Getting people to understand and appreciate the opportunities and challenges faced by other functions is a large part of getting them to see their own roles in perspective.

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Team Selling

Does putting together a group of high performing sales people  make a high performance sales team?

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Mastering Training Design

4MAT® is an Instruction Design Methodology for helping all learners be successful.

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Impact Training

The unique Mercuri Methodology - Yet another brain child of our founder Curt Abrahamsson

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A selection from our vast repertoire of customised Sales Performance Improvement Solutions

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