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Here is your formula for transforming Sales Effectiveness in the new world... 

Sales Conversion = ( New Sales Strategies ) X ( Even more skillful Sales Execution ) 

Are your Sales Teams ready?

What Customers buy, why they buy, and how they buy has changed for ever. Are your Sales Teams able and ready to sense the change, and respond suitably? Are your Sales Strategies relevant? Are your sales people skilled enough to implement? How effective is your Sales Conversion engine? Whether Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Repeat Purchase, New Product Launches, Go To Market, or enhancing effectiveness of repetitive sales processes, and more... We are here to help you get even better! Let's talk! Let's make sales happen! 

Welcome to Sales Impact Training!

The unique Mercuri Methodology - Yet another brain child of our founder Curt Abrahamsson

Have you ever wondered what your salespeople need to do to bring forth all their might to bear on an important market opportunity ?

"Here is a repetitive sales routine and here is a market opportunity I want to cash in on…. How do I do it?"

"Exchange knowledge within my team and collect all the good points of course. Then it is only a question of forming a NEW way." ……"Then?"

"Let me study the existing ways of doing a sales job and break it down into components, so that I take the good things from existing practices of doing it….. and how do I do that?"

Sales Impact Training can transform your Sales Effectiveness in many situations. Here's an illustration of how it works when pursuing Large Complex Opportunities. We call it the 'Opportunity To Order' - O2O Process. It's the game champion Sales Teams play. It's learnable!

Looks Like an Incredible Opportunity. But, Wait …. Is that For Real?

Opportunity Assessment is Strategic Work.  Here are 4 Key Questions every Sales Expert will ask, before diving into a large project opportunity.  He must, because, to win, he requires large investments of time and expertise, from varied functions that go beyond just the Sales Team ...

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Are you picking winnable large complex opportunities on emotion rather than on analysis?

Bigger is better, right?  Not unless it is winnable.   Sales Teams must ask these 3 important questions when prospecting for large complex opportunities. Winnability is a crucial deciding factor to consider before pursuing an opportunity for conversion. How?

Read more

If you are selling large value, complex solutions, do you have a strategy to maximise your wins?

Your company senses a large opportunity... And so does your entire industry! How likely are you to succeed? How will you overcome these 4 familiar challenges ? Winning orders can be a matter of chance for some, and a choice by design for some. How about you?

Read more

Why you must manage all stakeholders when selling large complex projects… And how?

Why does it happen in complex Project Sales that, individual stakeholders, who seem so sweet and favourable in one-on-one meetings, often turn into such unreasonable antagonists or indifferent onlookers when you make a group-selling pitch?  What can you do to prevent this from happening?

Read more

That was an illustration of how  'Sales Impact Training' works to transform sales effectiveness, through the - O2O - Opportunity To Order Process - when converting large complex orders to sales.  Here are some more typical situations for 'Sales Impact Training':

As you read through the list below, keep ticking the boxes where you find situations that are similar to what you have on mind:

A Sample portfolio of Sales Impact Training Solutions:



"My teams sales conversions are low with walk-in prospects. Can you improve"

Impact training to create a modified script to sell value and increase conversion

"I have targeted acquisition of a few Global Prospects. How do I break into them through my strong technical team in a technology business"

An impact intervention to arrive at defined acquisition strategies, approaches and visible plans to target and break into the prospects

"I have to increase my share of prescription from the doctor for specialty business"

A tangible methodology to identify a range of prescription opportunities and build a logical case to influence

"I sell very high end solutions which are exceptional in quality to large industries and core sectors. My service team has to sell contracts and the customer says your product is good.. Why should I buy service"?

An impact training focusing on acquiring defined six prospects and arriving at positioning service, strategizing the approach and building plans to crack the prospect

"I sell multiple products and have multiple principals and have large value contracts. How do I manage the progress of my enquiry and forecast the closure"

A comprehensive enquiry management system and an impact training to target precise activities and closure

Tell us what your sales issues are. We will design a most fitting Impact Training with result focus for you to grab that market opportunity and make your people win business. Contact Us right away.

Check out our ability to deliver bespoke solutions across related domains that take your sales to a higher level. Our offerings include :

Sales & Service Competencies Development

At Mercuri India, we understand Customer needs and what it takes to meet and exceed them across touch-points.

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Business and Leadership

Getting people to understand and appreciate the opportunities and challenges faced by other functions is a large part of getting them to see their own roles in perspective.

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Mastering Training Design

4MAT® is an Instruction Design Methodology for helping all learners be successful.

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Impact Training

The unique Mercuri Methodology - Yet another brain child of our founder Curt Abrahamsson

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Sales Performance Consulting

Unique solutions that integrate proprietary concepts of Mercuri International

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A selection from our vast repertoire of customised Sales Performance Improvement Solutions

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