Business and Leadership

The big picture

How do you see Sales and Service Training efforts, from the corner room?  Stand alone bits and pieces ?  Discerning leadership recognises the interconnectedness of diverse factors that when aligned together can synergise, to multiply the impact of your sales and service training dollar.  Consider these:  How well are your sales and service training initiatives led and executed?  How well do the people being trained internalise their roles?  How well do they work with each other in teams?  How effectively are your inhouse training programs designed, to meet the varying learning styles of people being trained?   

So, here are three related transformation approaches to breakthrough business and leadership excellence - Celemi, Belbin and 4MAT.  Each approach enhances stickiness of Sales and Service Training efforts, in its own way. Find out how...

Celemi - Business Simulations - Learning that touches hearts, engages minds, and inspires action.

Getting people to understand and appreciate the opportunities and challenges faced by other functions is a large part of getting them to see their own roles in perspective. When done well, such business perspective helps people internalize the relevance of their own role and the mutual importance of other related roles. Business understanding lies at the center of how well people engage in their roles, how empowered they feel, and how productive they are. Helping people build such perspective is at the heart of effective Leadership Development Programmes.

Business Simulations help people build perspective through experiential learning. That’s what we do using Celemi - Create clarity and help people develop real & lasting knowledge as they improve Decision Making Skills, appreciate the virtues of Customer Centricity and Differentiation, while honing their acumen for business, people, finance & innovation. Through a Celemi Business Simulation experience, people clearly understand the actions they are supposed to take, the reasons for taking these actions and the consequences of doing or not doing so.

Celemi helps change happen: When teaching fails, try learning. Have a look at the various Celemi simulations below to understand how we can accelerate Leadership Development in your Organization:

Running a Celemi Business Simulation requires top-notch facilitation skills and rich business understanding. Consultants from Mercuri India fit the bill brilliantly, because they come with rich hands-on business experience and the learning rigor that comes with running such simulations for Clients from across a wide range of industries and geographies

Just click the pictures above to know-how Celemi can make a difference to your People and to your Organization. Or, Contact Us today. A Mercuri Consultant will be glad to assist you in making change happen.

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