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The Virtues of Virtual Selling

To say “I can” isn’t good enough anymore. “I must” could be better. Today’s sellers don’t have a choice.

Selling in challenging times

Challenging times are here! And as a #Sales Community we are being called to rise to the occasion

Are we really selling solutions?

We all like to say we sell Solutions. Most of us believe the days of ‘product selling’ are numbered.

How does a Sales Manager manage by support

This is a must watch for all aspiring and practicing Sales Managers across industries & geographies.

Are you building your platform for the future

Opportunity creation is as much an important part of the Sales Persons role, as is encashing opportunity that is available.

How can you forecast your large order sales pipeline better

Talks about how sales managers can get better at forecasting their large order sales pipeline

Are you well prepared for Sales Negotiations?

How one can be well prepared for Sales Negotiations.

The Power of Questions

Salespeople who learn to ask questions are always at an advantage over their peers who don't

Do you have a clear aim for every sales visit

Are you a B2B Sales Professional who wants to be closing at every sales visit?

Are your existing Customers coming back to you in enough numbers

The importance of getting Customers to rebuy is well understood.

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