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Value Based Selling - Open Course

April 24-25, Chennai | May 12-13, Mumbai | June 16-17, Delhi | June 23-24, Bangalore

Who says gold standard Sales Training is the privilege of huge Organizations, with large Sales Teams?  So what if your people are ambitious, eager to learn, hungry to excel in selling value, and yet, you don't have a large enough number of them, to make an engaging, viable worldclass classroom? 

In the new world where Customers are impatient for growth, where solutions get increasingly complex, and where Customers prefer involving a Sales Person much much later in the purchase process, can you afford to have a Sales Team that feels challenged in solution value selling?  

How can your Sales People demonstrate and deliver greater value in a hybrid world, where selling swings between traditionally personal and contemporarily digital? What are the winning sales behaviors, of the new hybrid world? How can your Sales Teams learn from the Mercuri India Consultant Trainer, who excels in 'hybrid selling' on a 'day-to-day' basisClick here to speak to our experts! 

Happy Selling!

Here's presenting the Mercuri India 'Value Based Selling' Open Course 

Course Coverage in a 5 Step Hybrid Learning Path:

This hybrid learning journey begins with 8+ hours of Digital Learning Courses, as prework, before participants attend the the much sought after Mercuri India Instructor Led Physical Classes ( MILPC ) for 1.5 Days.  Following the MILPC are 5 more hours of Digital Learning Courses, and Individual Action Projects that help deepen the learning further.  With classes delivered PHYsically and diGITALy, this is hybrid PHYGITAL learning at its best!

1Step 1 DLC (Digital Learning Centre) - Essential Selling Skills & Remote Selling 8 hours (approx.)

  • 1.Introduction to Essential Selling Skills
  • 2.The Preparation Phase
  • 3.Approaching the Customer
  • 4.Learning the DAPA sales methodology
  • 5.Argumentation
  • 6.Handling Objections
  • 7.Closing the deal
  • 1. Introduction to Remote Selling
  • 2. Preparation for web based meeting
  • 3. During effective use of web meeting and virtual slideshow
  • 4. Active communication

2Step 2 MILPC- Physical Class Value Based Selling 1.5 days

  • What is selling
  • Value selling
  • Advanced conversation
  • The art of listening
  • Handling objection
  • Building Relationships
  • Cross Selling - The 6 Steps as seen alongside...
  • Step 1 Introduce the core idea of the offering
  • Step 2  Ask 2 questions which will uncover the Customers challenges /pain points which your offering will address/
  • Step 3 Talk about the three key relevant features of our Offering
  • Step 4 Check if the benefits are useful
  • Step 5 What does the Customer think / feel
  • Step 6 Ask closing question for the next step

3DLC (Digital Learning Centre) - How to become a better negotiator 5 hours (approx.)

  • 1. Introduction to Negotiation
  • 2. The Preparation Phase
  • 3. The Discussion Phase
  • 4. The Proposing Phase
  • 5. The Bargaining Phase

4Post programme implementation review and coaching 20 minutes per person

  • Each participant will take up an Action Learning Project(ALP).
  • The project will be related to his/her business goals.
  • The implementation will contain one or many of the skills,process, concepts, frameworks learnt in the classes.

5Coaching - Support and hand holding in Project Execution.  


Who should attend

Sales Engineers, Sales Executives, anyone involved in Selling Solutions, in B2B environments

How this course benefits participants

Developing the Value Based Selling Technique, in a hybrid selling world

Thank you for your interest in Mercuri India Sales Open Programs - The world class hybrid Sales Training experience! 

Mercuri India Sales Open Programs are scheduled on a demand basis. Course schedules are announced as and when we have sufficient nominations for an effective sales learning experience, like the cohorts announced here. Want to know more about Mercuri India Sales Open Programs?  Want to nominate  yourself or your people to the upcoming cohorts?  Get in touch!  Click here to speak to our experts!  Let's make sales excellence happen!

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