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Bespoke Solutions Overview
How our Bespoke Solutions create Business Impact for our Clients

Every development intervention we do for our Clients is ‘bespoke’ and created based on our deep understanding of their needs, issues, challenges and opportunities, with an array of know-how blocks developed, proven, established over decades of Corporate Training. We use our five step model to structure bespoke solutions:

Our unique strength is our consulting capability to design bespoke solutions. We understand the uniqueness inherent in Organizations.. people capabilities, leadership strategies & approaches, and challenges in people development. Therefore we are committed to designing unique bespoke solutions. Here is how we do it:

Evaluate situation
Analysis Analysis / Studies; Interviews; Field Visits; Understanding of current situation; Mystery Shopping; Competence Evaluation.

Analysis - To define what works well and what needs to be improved in priority. We study the organization through interviews and field visits, and monitor the current situations in the organization with a complete evaluation of competencies in Sales, Service & their Leadership teams

Design Solution
Consulting Project planning; Execution; Training Design; Training content; Implementation plan; Key figures

Consulting - To design the right training solution in order to reach client objectives. Our Training Design follows a 3 step process:

  • Research - Our research combines decades of industry and functional expertise in areas of Sales & Service Training, Business Understanding & Leadership, People Management and Team Building. Our specially created diagnostic tools provide us with a sharp view of Client needs.
  • Design Conceptualization - The essence of the solution is articulated first. This forms the red thread around which the design is woven. Care is taken to ensure that the research is reflected at every stage. Robustness of design is assured through meticulous customized application of concepts selected from our more than 300 proprietary knowhow blocks in Sales, Managing Sales Teams, Sales Strategy and Leadership Training.
  • Content Creation - The content is structured on the design framework. It is tailored to Client specific needs, and can be co-created with Client teams.
New Competence
Training Classroom training; e-learning; Business simulations; Seminars; Workshops

Training - To improve capabilities, competencies and skills
We conduct our Sales & Service Training and Leadership Training through a Client centric combination of Classroom learning, E-Learning, Business Simulations, Seminars, Workshops and Webinars.

Change behaviour
Implementation Coaching; Field Visits; On-the-job Training; Expert for hire; Mystery Shopping; Follow-up meetings

Implementation - To change the sales routines
We help Clients implement their leanings by coaching their teams on the job, on field visits and through a series of follow up meetings.

Long term results
Consolidation Follow-up monitoring; Project report; Balance sheet meeting; Joint evaluations, Recommendations for next steps

Consolidation - To assure the expected results
We offer follow up monitoring of the Organization’s activities post program, check project reports and balance sheet results, conduct joint evaluations and recommend the next steps for the organization to take.

What this means to you as a Client:

  • Bespoke solutions in Sales & Service Training and Leadership Training of an enduring quality and significant value.
  • Customized workshop designs of timeless beauty that engage the participants and provoke learning.
  • Simple, practical and implementable processes and skills in Managing Sales Teams.
  • Tailor made learning solutions with measurable improvements.
Checkout our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that take your sales to a higher level. Our offerings include: