Become a Mercuri India Certified Strategic Sales Negotiations Professional 

Duration: 6 weeks of intense + 9 weeks of continuous learning

July 14 - 15, Pune

Welcome to the Mercuri India Public Program

In a new world that is challenged for budgets and revenues, how do you and your Sales People 'Negotiate to Win'? What are the new rules of 'win-win negotiation'? What is the timeless, classic, structured process for Strategic Sales Negotiation, and how does it play out in a remote selling world?  Here is a world class instructor led online sales course that imparts rigorous practice in the win-win 'skills of negotiation'. Learn it from Mercuri India Consultant Trainers who strive to negotiate their way to sales success in a pandemic world, like you do. Happy Negotiating!

Course Objectives

Recognizing the individual power and process of successful sales negotiations | Learning a robust process for a win-win negotiation | Understanding and implementing a strategic approach to negotiation.

Course Coverage

  • Negotiating – An art or a science ?
  • Successful Sales Negotiation – The 4 elements
    • Strategy | Process | Skills | The win-win drive
  • Are we selling or are we negotiating?
  • Where does Negotiation happen in the buying process?
  • Influencing the customer – Pre negotiation
  • A strategic approach to negotiating
  • Successful Sales Negotiation – The Process
  • Preparing | Discussing | Proposing | Bargaining

Sales Negotations – The Tools & Techniques

  • The negotiating checklist
    • Analysing offer
    • Analysing competition
    • Analysing Customer
  • The cost vs. value matrix
  • ‘ If…then’ technique
  • Tactics and counter tactics

The Core Skills of Negotiation

  • Steering and controlling
  • Absorbing and responding
  • Trading variables assertively
  • Deadlock management
  • Building productive relationship
  • Successful Negotiation – New prospect or existing Customer - Selling a price increase
  • Successful Negotiation – The behaviour mind-set – Feeling of Capability - Conviction | Doing Unexpected | Thinking like an Entrepreneur

3 Steps of the course | Entirely instructor led and virtually delivered

With classes delivered virtually, you learn from where you are!

1 Before arriving for the Course

  • A set of readouts
  • A case study analysis
  • A live negotiating situation template
  • A self assessment on own capability of Sales Negotiating on a set of clearly defined parameters

2 During the Course

  • Concepts, tools, application
  • Individual Action Plan
  • Preparing a plan for a specific negotiating opportunity

3After the course

  • A certification test within 10 days at the end of the course
  • Complimentary access to one recorded useful skills of negotiation webcast & 3 useful sales skill podcasts
  • A 30 minutes Individual Virtual Coaching/ and certifying towards 'STRATEGIC SALES NEGOTIATIONS - PROCESS,SKILLS AND ORIENTATION'

Who should attend

Anyone involved in the Sales Negotiating Process

How this course benefits participants

Developing the Virtual Negotiating Technique and Persona

  1. Use of Platforms and Tools
  2. Precision , Purpose and Positioning
  3. Seven key skills of negotiations in a virtual world

Thank you for your interest in Mercuri India Sales Academy – Virtual - VMISA.  When you opt for VMISA, you get the best Instructor Led Online Sales Training experience, without the hassles of travel, and the compulsion of having to absent oneself from day to day sales activity.

VMISA Courses are scheduled on a demand basis. Course schedules are announced as and when we have sufficient nominations for an effective sales learning experience.  Please fill in the nomination form in the link below, with details of people you want to nominate.  We will get back to you to schedule a course that suits our mutual convenience. Let's make sales happen!


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