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Welcome to the Mercuri India Led Virtual Class - MILVC

How our Bespoke Sales Performance Solutions create Business Impact for you

Our world has changed like never before.  At Mercuri India, we have changed beyond recognition, to stay ahead of the curve, so we can continue to set standards in world class Sales Training, in our increasingly digital world

The state of the art MILVCs - Mercuri India Led Virtual Classes - reflect our unique strength -  Our Sales Consulting capability to design Bespoke Sales Training Solutions, for the new world.  Every MILVC we do for our Clients is a customised development intervention, created based on our deep understanding of their changing Sales Training needs, issues, challenges and opportunities, with an array of know-how blocks developed, proven, established over decades of unparallelled Corporate Sales Training. 

We use our five step model to structure bespoke solutions. Here is what we do... before, during and after the MILVCs we custom create for you: 

What this means to you as a Client:

  • Bespoke solutions in Sales & Service Training and Leadership Training of an enduring quality and significant value.
  • Customized designs of timeless beauty that engage the participants and provoke learning, in physical and digital formats.
  • Simple, practical and implementable processes and skills in Selling and Managing Sales Performance.
  • Tailor made Sales Training solutions with measurable improvements.

Check out our ability to deliver a wide range of Bespoke Sales Training and Consulting solutions, across related domains, to transform your Sales Performance. Our world class offerings include :

Sales & Service Competencies Development

At Mercuri India, we understand Customer needs and what it takes to meet and exceed them across face-to-face and screen-to-screen touch-points.

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Business and Leadership

Getting people to understand and appreciate the opportunities and challenges faced by other functions is a large part of getting them to see their own roles in perspective.

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Team Selling

Does putting together a group of high performing sales people make a high performance sales team?

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Mastering Training Design

4MAT® is an Instruction Design Methodology for helping all learners be successful.

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Impact Training

The unique Mercuri Methodology - Yet another brain child of our founder Curt Abrahamsson

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Sales Performance Consulting

Unique solutions that integrate proprietary concepts of Mercuri International

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Success Stories

A selection from our vast repertoire of customised Sales Performance Improvement Solutions

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