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World Class Open Courses - Sales Training for Small Teams! 

Sales Excellence is attainable.. Even Small Teams can learn to Sell Big!

Dear Sales Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Mercuri India Sales School  ( MiSS )-  the Open School for Small Teams that seek to learn Sales Excellence!  This is where new entrants to sales, and their more experienced colleagues come to learn and revisit the timeless basics of Sales and Sales Management, in its pristine form, as applied in the contemporary world.  MiSS reflects our commitment to impart and enable excellence in the timeless classical Sales Processes and Tools, that drive breakthrough sales performance today, and in times ahead! 

The MiSS - Open Courses for Sales Professionals, are being scheduled across chosen locations.   


How do you know if MiSS is right for you?

Do you..  

  • Have a Sales Team that thinks big, yet is small in size, for customized Sales Training
  • Have a small number of newly hired Sales People who need to refresh or learn their Sales Basics, without waiting for that annual, bi-annual large Sales Training Program
  • Have a small number of newly promoted Sales Managers who need to learn how to make the transition from individual Sales Makers to Managers of a Sales Team
  • Have a few Service People who have moved to Sales / BD roles, and want them to learn Sales Basics
  • See your Performance Appraisal cycle pointing to the need for high quality Sales Training for a few Sales People or their Managers

- Or you have a different need not listed here...


MiSS is your go to place for world class Open Courses that enable Sales Excellence in Small Teams!

Here are three Open Courses that enable Sales Excellence in critical Sales Disciplines: 

What are the 3 Open Courses about ?
High Impact Presentation Skills | Leadership Training

Value Selling  |  Coming up 16 - 17 Jun, DEL;  22 - 23 Jun, BLR  

Understanding the structured Sales Process | Recognizing the nuances of 'Selling as a Science' | Practicing world class Selling Skills | Building and using a tangible value proposition to sell value. 

Strategic Sales Negotiations | Process of Successful Negotiations

Steering Sales Performance Coming up 21 - 22 Jun, BLR

Understanding the structured process of Sales Management | Steering and Managing Sales Performance | Learning the framework to leading sales teams for short-term and long-term results.

Training On Sales | Best Sales Training courses | Top Training Organization in India

Strategic Sales Negotiations Coming up 14 - 15 Jun, PUNE

Recognizing the individual power and process of successful negotiations | Learning a robust process for a win-win negotiation | Skills of negotiation |  Understanding and implementing a strategic approach to negotiation

3 World Class Open Courses from the Mercuri India Sales School, for small teams that aspire to sell better!

Value Selling

Understanding the structured process of Selling

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Strategic Sales

Recognizing the individual power and process of successful negotiations

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Steering Sales

Learning the framework to leading sales teams for short term and long term results.

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