The Power of Resilience

NEWMISA 2017 ebrochure

Strategic Sales Negotiations
Course Objectives
Recognizing the individual power and process of successful negotiations | Learning a robust process for a win-win negotiation | Understanding and implementing a strategic approach to negotiation.
Course Coverage
  • Negotiating – An art or a science
  • Successful Negotiation – the 4 elements
    Strategy | Process | Skills | The win-win drive
  • Are we selling or are we negotiating
  • Where does Negotiation happen in the buying process
  • Influencing the customer – pre negotiation
  • A strategic approach to negotiating
  • Successful Negotiating – The Process
    • Preparing | Discussing | Proposing | Bargaining
  • Successful Negotiating – The Tools & Techniques
    • The Negotiating checklist
      analyzing offer | competition | customer
    • The cost vs. value matrix
    • If… then technique
    • Tactics and counter tactics
  • Successful Negotiating – The core skills
    • Steering and controlling | Absorbing and responding | Trading variables assertively | Deadlock management | Building productive relationship
  • Successful Negotiating – The behavior mind-set
  • Successful Negotiating – new prospect or existing customer - selling a price increase
3 Steps of the course
1 Before arriving for the course
  • A set of readouts
  • A case study analysis
  • A live negotiating situation template
  • A self-assessment on current capability of negotiation
2 During the course
  • Concepts, tools, application
  • A certification test at the end of the course
  • Individual Action Plan
  • Preparing a plan for a specific negotiating opportunity
3 4-6 weeks after the course
  • A one hour telephone / Skype review
  • Reinforcing learning
  • Marking of the test results and certifying towards

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