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World class Sales Learning from your place at your pace

Welcome to the Digital Learning Center for Self-Led Sales Learning., in a controlled sales environment.  The DLC features pureplay digital online  sales courses that are designed to foster excellence in Sales and Customer Interaction Management.  These outstanding Open Online Sales Learning Courses are weaved in learning paths tailored to your business needs.  They are comprehensive with concepts, tools, frameworks and exercises that enable Sales People to learn and practice Selling Skills and learn Sales Process, along with a variety of quizzes and puzzles that engage and inspire adoption of new sales behaviours. 

Mercuri India’s Digital Learning Center is rethinking the way we learn.

1. Built around you

Find it hard to find time for training? Our online self led sales learning solutions provide relevant, bite-sized training modules that not only fit easily into your working day, but actually offer a more effective way to learn. Here, learning adapts to your needs, through customised course paths, delivered online when you are ready. 

2. Engaging solutions

Great training engages with the learner, encouraging them to want to move forward.  Compelling, pragmatic storytelling, and immersive, relevant scenarios make learning fun, changing behaviors and teaching new skills. Availability of an expert ensures help when you need it, if at all.

3. Training without limits

It’s not always possible – or necessary – to attend training in person. Travel restrictions, sustainability initiatives, or just lack of time. You need training that comes to you while providing the same standards of excellence, on any digital device, in any format.

4. Global reach – local expertise

Business is global – is your training? With customers and colleagues (and re-sellers) increasingly spread over a wider distance, it’s hard to keep skills up to date. Mercuri India provides cutting edge training – wherever you are – plus an internal translation service to communicate clearly with all stakeholders.

5. Customised, Relevant, Valuable

Is your training relevant in the real world? You need training that understands your business and offers customized, relevant scenarios – providing the skills and experience that give real value to your sales teams. Product training, onboarding, sales skills – all customized for your specific requirements.

6. One partner, many solutions

As your business grows, your needs change. Mercuri India is your single point of contact for all your training requirements, customized or off-the-shelf, classroom or virtual.  As Mercuri International's partner unit in India, Mercuri India brings the scale to meet all the training demands of business, of any size, around the world.

7. Training that moves fast

You need  Online Sales Training that keeps up with the market, that is delivered with speed for content needs – for example a new product launch –and recognizes the increasingly short shelf life of relevant skills. Easy to get started right off-the-shelf. 

Mercuri always brings the guaranteed B2B sales credibility and challenge ABB requires to help raise our solution and Value Based Selling skills to world-class, be it in Bangalore or Beijing, Coventry or Cairo.

Allan Mitchell, Global Head ABB/EL Academy

Who we are

Great Online Sales Training gives you the edge to stay competitive in an increasingly complex and fast-paced market. 

We have an international team of subject matter experts, all with specific roles and competences. Regardless of your needs – graphical, instructional, development, or quality check – Mercuri India has the right expert on hand to guide your training.

Contact us – we’d love to show you how Mercuri India can deliver an integrated learning experience that can transform your business.


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