Mercuri Mail Collector’s Edition March 2022

33 years is a long time to do something consistently

The India journal of Mercuri International ‘Mercuri Mail’ is one such good habit.

Mercuri Mail was started in 1989 Feb with the single purpose of sharing knowledge with our Customers, the sales and service community, and for that matter anyone who is willing and keen.

Over the years it has evolved and the purpose has only become stronger in the way the Mail was designed and the range of contents that included Sales Force Management, Sales Communication and such topics essential to improve Sales & Service effectiveness.

Quarters have rolled and the world has changed and the purpose remains the same, deeply embedded – Why not make a Collector’s Edition for some to refresh, for some to start and here is the effort.

– Team Mercuri India

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The joy of curating much loved content from past issues of Mercuri Mail – The Sales Knowledge Journal of Mercuri International, is never unmixed. It carries with it the disappointment of leaving out articles that one badly wishes to include

Putting this together required saying ‘no’ to a number of pieces as everything looked good enough to be here. Alas, one had to make a choice!

But we do hope that this collector’s edition will be more than one such and will become a ‘go to’ place for insights and reflections, around a variety of topics including Sales Force Management, Sales Communication in particular, and Customer Interaction Management in general.