Terms and Conditions of Mercuri Goldmann (India) Pvt. Ltd


Mercuri International is the world’s largest Sales Performance Consulting and Training Organization, headquartered in Stockholm – Sweden. We help discerning Organizations world over to become more efficient and effective in their sales activities, and achieve necessary improvements in results. In India, we operate as Mercuri Goldmann (India) Pvt Ltd (herein after referred to as Mercuri India). This document purports to detail the Terms & Conditions set forth by Mercuri India, for users of this homepage and for its Clients with whom it may engage in In Company and Open Course offerings.  An addendum to these Terms that apply to the Mercuri India Digital Learning Center are here.  By continuing to use this homepage (www.mercuriindia.com), you agree to the Terms & Conditions stated below, and to the Privacy Policy stated elsewhere on this homepage

01. Intellectual Property

Mercuri India, is the absolute owner of all of the Intellectual Property including but not limited to the Copyright in the materials that are shared on this homepage, or will be shared with the participants during the training sessions.

a. All Intellectual Property in the material published in this homepage and in training material shall at all times remain vested with Mercuri International, parent to Mercuri India. . The material published in this homepage and in training materials, cannot be reproduced, transferred or modified in any form of paper or electronic media without the express consent and approval from Mercuri India.

02. Investment details

a. All the relevant details of the Investment in relation to the proposed development initiative are given in the Investment Proposal and Programme Acceptance Form

b. Investment Proposals for entities in India are likely to be different from proposals for entities overseas, even if such entities belong to the same parent

03. Details of reimbursable expenses towards conduct of programmes

a. Typically, the following expenses that are likely to be incurred by Mercuri Consultants with regard to Pre-Work, conducting of training programmes, reviews, follow-ups etc will need to be reimbursed on an actual basis against proof of expenditure. GST @ 18% on these expenses will be additional for the programmes conducted in India.

  1. Air Travel to and fro to where the programme is to be conducted
  2. Taxi from residence to airport and back
  3. Taxi from airport to hotel / place of stay
  4. Taxi from place of stay to programme venue and back
  5. The client will book the stay at a good hotel, preferably the same place where the programme is to be conducted if the programme is to be conducted in a hotel and will bear all the Expenses for stay, food etc at actuals. Mercuri India will indicate the details of stay requirement of the Mercuri Consultant

04. Shipping charges :

a. For shipment of materials for all programmes in India, there will be flat investment Rs.1800 per programme irrespective of any location within the country. While this charge will be made on the Programme Invoice, no supporting document will be provided for this.

b. In case the materials are carried by the Consultants along with them as baggage based on the exigency of short duration shipment, delayed hotel information receipt, delayed shipment by road for the place specified, Excess Baggage Charges at actuals, will be applicable against receipts.

c. In case the Shipping charges / Excess Baggage Charges are for overseas locations, the Shipping Charges/Excess Baggage Charges, Customs duties that will be levied along with clearing charges will be at actuals to the account of client and the necessary supporting bills will be provided.

05. GST

a. All the expenses listed in this document that are to be reimbursed will attract GST @ 18% applicable currently for the programmes that are conducted in India.

06. Payment delays

a. The invoices and debit notes become payable immediately from the date of raising the invoice.

b. However, Mercuri India expects the payment to be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of invoice.

c. The Proof of Delivery of the invoice and debit notes at the customer address will be considered valid for this purposes.

d. For overseas customers, all the relevant documents like Invoice, Visa Charges, Tickets, Excess Baggage, Travel to and from Airport, Local conveyance etc will be sent through email, unless specifically requested by the customer for any other mode of despatch.

e. Any delay in payment will attract an interest @ 2% per month calculated at intervals 0.5% per week.

07. Mode of Payment

a. For all in-company programmes both in India and overseas, Mercuri India will raise an Invoice on the customers (after completion of the workshops) with details of programme investment and other reimbursable expenses as may be applicable as stated in the Investment Proposal. These reimbursable expenses include Air tickets, Visa Charges, Shipping Charges, local transport, to and from conveyance to Airport etc etc.

b. The customer in India can make the payments either through cheque or RTGS/NEFT etc.

c. Similarly, overseas customers can make the payments via bank-to-bank transfer.

d. The relevant details for making the bank transfer will be provided in the final invoices that will be raised by Mercuri India

e. Where customers in India or Overseas express a desire to make payments online via Credit / Debit Card, Mercuri India will send them a Pro-Forma Invoice with all relevant details as close as would be possible in the final invoice. Along with this, Mercuri India will also send a link applicable to the specific customer for the specified amount. The customer can make the payment to Mercuri India using the link.

f. The small difference if any in the Pro-Forma Invoice and final Invoice can be made through Bank transfer or Cheque. As already stated, Mercuri India will strive towards ensuring the Pro-Forma is as close as is possible to the likely final invoice.

g. In the event of cancellation of the workshop by the customer, the amount paid to Mercuri India will be refunded after necessary deduction as mentioned in Cancellation Clause 9 of this document. The refund will happen to the same account from where the payment was received to the account of Mercuri India

h. In the highly unlikely event of the cancellation happening from Mercuri India’s side, the entire amount paid by the customer will be refunded in total. This refund too will happen to the same account from where the payment was received.

08. Venue Arrangements

a. All the Venue Arrangements including Flip Charts, Audio-Visual, LCD Projector, Screen, Coffee/Tea and Lunch arrangements for the participants and the Facilitator will be to the account of customer.

b. Mercuri India will send the Venue Arrangement Sheet giving the layout and various requirements to the concerned person in the customer place well before the commencement of the programme.

09. Cancellation Clause

If the scheduled training or any related activity such as pre-work, field visits is cancelled by the customer the investment towards cancellation will be as below

i. 30 days or more than 30 days before the agreed activity dates investment towards cancellation will be NIL

ii. Less than 30 days and before 15 days of the agreed activity dates(15-29 days), 25% of the agreed investment for the said activity. Other incidental expenses towards cancellation of tickets for travel & accommodation etc will be fully borne by the Client.

iii. Less than 15 days before the agreed activity dates, 50% of the agreed investment for the said activity. Other incidental expenses towards cancellation of tickets for travel & accommodation etc will be fully borne by the Client.

iv. In the highly unlikely event of the cancellation happening from Mercuri India’s side, the entire investment amount if paid by the customer, will be refunded in total.

10. Price/Investment Validity

a. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the investment proposed are valid for a period of 120 days from the date of the Investment Proposal.

b. All the investments are exclusive of GST currently applicable at 18% for the programmes that will be delivered in India.

c. As of now, there are no additional taxes applicable for overseas customers.

d. Prior to each workshop, Mercuri India will send by email Programme Acceptance Form indicating the final investments payable by the customer.

11. Number of participants

a. The maximum number of participants per programme would be 16 including Observers if any

b. For certain programmes like High Impact Presentations and some specific topics mutually agreed upon, the number of participants would be limited to 10.

c. Any participants beyond the above number would attract a flat investment proportionately calculated as per the agreed investment levels for the batch

12. Modifications to the above

a. Unless agreed in writing, the above will form part of standard terms and conditions of Mercuri India

b. Any changes to the above will be in writing mutually agreed upon by both the parties

c. Mercuri India reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time. While the latest version of the Terms & Conditions will be available here, online (www.mercuriindia.com), the reader is advised to ask vidhya@mercuri-india.com for the latest version.