First Shoots in Real Estate are Here, Is Your Sales Team Equipped to Harvest the Bounty?

Here are the green shoots, you’ve been waiting for

  • Global Real Estate Services Firm JLL India’s predicts an increase in home purchase affordability across all markets in India in 2020, despite a fall in household income
  • What’s even more exciting, JLL expects this buoyancy to continue or even improve in 2021
  • The trend will get a strong push from the sharp drop in home loan rates, which are at decadal lows
  • The trend will get a strong push from the sharp drop in home loan rates, which are at decadal lows
  • Commercial real estate is seeing a sharp rebound with rentals quickly approaching pre-Covid levels

Shouldn’t all that translate into a robust rise in actual units and space sold? They should. Provided the Sales Teams are ready, with the Selling Skills and Sales Processes that help them maximise Lead Conversion.

Opportunities and Challenges

Demand is poised to climb. Opportunities will abound. But Sales Conversions will likely get tougher. The Customer engagement model is changing. More touch points will go virtual. How comfortable are our Sales Teams with Virtual Selling?

Are your Sales Teams ready to crack the 4 major Real Estate Sales Challenges of 2021?

  1. 1. Are your sales teams equipped with the selling skills necessary to increase the walk-in conversion ratio across all sites? Are they sensitive to the substantial investments that go into generating walk-in’s during these challenging times? And is the cost of poor sales conversion of such precious and high price walk-in’s known to them?
  2. 2. Do they know how to leverage Channel Partners for better lead conversions? Can they grow the business applying key relationship management practices to high potential Channel Partners to nurture them?
  3. 3. Can the Site Heads and Team Leads inspire their Sales Teams to sell more and better? Are they cognizant of the Salesperson’s frustration in not seeing the quantity of efforts translating into quality of sales efforts and sales impact?
  4. 4. How good are your Sales Teams in tangiblising the value of intangibles? As every Real Estate veteran knows, it’s intangibles that create value for Customers. Do they pay attention to factors that multiply Sales Conversion odds? Are they following a Sales Process that drives Lead Conversion? Things like: Is the on-site walk-through smooth and seamless? Are collaterals checked for freshness and right placement? What’s the quality of site and show on hygiene factors? Is the premium value of common amenities adequately show cased?

Do those questions sound familiar?  Do you hear them deep wihtin, and in your C Suite Conversations? 

Yes?  That's good news.  Because, you are asking those questions, Now...  When the green shoots are showing up. You are in the right place...  Just scroll below to links that offer some pointers that could answer those questions.  Dive in, Now!  

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