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The power of CELEMI - Business Simulations - Live it to learn it!


Not everything is teachable...  But, everything is learnable!  Is that why we often say 'Life is the greatest teacher'?  We learn more when we 'live it' than when we 'listen to it'.  Yes?  Is that why aspiring aircraft pilots begin learning flying in a flight simulator?  Much like we learn swimming by jumping in to a swimming pool? 

No wonder the worlds best leadership development and business acumen learning is imparted through getting participants to 'live' through a real world challenge, in a simulated environment!  Welcome to CELEMI - The Power of Learning - that allows people to 'live it to learn it'!

What is CELEMI?

CELEMI is the world leader in Business Simulations..  that help people learn the fun way.  CELEMI is gamification of learning, enabling people to internatise complex concepts in a simple interactive experience, that simulates the real world challenges of business understanding and leadership. CELEMI covers a wide range of learning needs.. including strategy, finance, marketing, innovation and knowledge management .

CELEMI gets people to think through strategies, formulate action plans, execute them making day to day decisions, face up to the consequences of such action!  How about bringing your frontline, middle order, and even senior leaders to experience the life of a CEO or a CFO, in a worldclass business simulation?


Join us in person, to experience CELEMI hands on!  DISCOVER CELEMI Sessions are scheduled from time to time in large metros. We have few seats available at the up coming session in Pune on 23rd Feb!  Your only investment will be your time..  You will be glad you attended!

Who should attend?

Business Leaders, HR Leaders, L&D Professionals, Project Leaders, Start-Up artistes..  anyone who wants to enable business understanding and accelerate leadership development, in ways that stick and sustain.

Which CELEMI Business Simulations will you experience @ Pune on 23rd Feb OR one that comes up next near you?

Here are the two CELEMI Business Simulations, illustrative of what you are likely to experience in a DISCOVER CELEMI Session:  

CELEMI Apples & Oranges brings Business Acumen to life through its simple, profound model of a company – A&O Inc. After experiencing how value circulates through this company, participants may never look at Business Finance the same way again. Read more ...  
Celemi Enterprise challenges participants to deal with uncertainties and balance short-term results with long term value. In the process of living these challenges, teams develop Business Acumen and learn Entrepreneurial Skills.Read more ... 

Running a Celemi Business Simulation requires top-notch facilitation skills and rich business understanding. Consultants from Mercuri India fit the bill brilliantly, because they come with rich hands-on business experience and the learning rigor that comes with running such simulations for Clients from across a wide range of industries and geographies.

We look forward to meeting you at Pune on 23rd February, OR at the next Discover CELEMI event coming up near you!  Experience world class business simulation and facilitation! Let your people 'Live it to learn it'!  Your only investment is your time!  To receive your personaised invite with venue and timing details,  please leave your contact details here: 

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