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Steering Sales Performance - Open Course

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'Challenge AND Support' has been the mantra of Sales Managers who have steered their Teams to remarkable Sales Performances!  Veteran Sales  Leaders will tell you it takes extraordinary skills to be good at both..  Challenge and Support!   How have they cracked that code?  How can you equip your Sales Managers to excel at these seemingly contradictory capabilities?  What value add do your Sales Teams expect from their Managers?  And, with a pletora of career options opening up in the new world, do Sales People anymore tolerate Managers who can't add value?

Customers have become so digital savvy, they seem to need your Sales People less and less. As engagement processes and platforms continuously change for the Sales Person, your Sales Leaders are having to do much more, and do much better!  So, what are the new skills and strategies for Sales Managers to remain relevant in this new era?  What's changing? What isn't?  How should they adapt the unchanging core concepts of Sales Management to this new normal?  How can they learn to excel at 'Steering Sales Performance'?    Click here to speak to our experts! 

Here's presenting the 'Mercuri India - Steering Sales Performance - Open Course'

Course Objectives:

Understanding the structured process of Sales Management  | Steering and Managing Sales Performance | Learning the framework to leading Sales Teams for short term and long term results | Developing the Sales Technique and Persona that succeeds in physical and virtual platforms... Use of Platforms and Tools - Precision, Purpose and Positioning

Course Coverage:

Learning to lead Sales Teams effectively in the new world. 

Developing Sales Management Process and Skills

The job of a Manager
The Result Focus
The importance of Sales Management Process
The Planning Model for Sales Performance
Moving from Managing by Hope to Managing by mere push to Managing by Support
Manager as a Sales Planner
Manager with Data Affinity
Manager with Basic Financial Acumen
Individual Action Plan

3 Steps of this learning journey 

This learning journey begins with rigorous prework, before participants attend the much sought after 2 Day Mercuri India Instructor Led Physical Classes ( MILPC ).  Following the MILPCs are action plans and reviews that help deepen the learning further!

1 Before the MILPC:

  • A case analysis
    A set of readouts
    A self-assessment on Sales Management Capability

2 During 2 Days of MILPCs

  • Concepts, Tools, Applications
  • A certification test at the end of the course
    Individual Action Plan 

3 After the 2 Day MILPC

  • Post programme implementation review and coaching
    20 minutes per person


Who should attend

Anyone involved in Sales Management and having People Responsibility

How this course benefits participants

Developing the ability to manage sales activity and process for todays results,  AND develop people capabilities for tomorrows performance.

Thank you for your interest in  Open Courses from the Mercuri India Sales School - The world class  Sales Training experience! 

Want to know more about the Mercuri India Sales School ? Want to nominate yourself and your people for an upcoming cohort?  Please Get in touch!  Click here to speak to our experts!  Let's make sales excellence happen!

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