Sales is All About Being Number Savvy

Numberspeak made easy for sales professionals

Value is Always a Number

In sales and marketing, value takes the form of value added, value chain, value proposition, or value engineering. When sales and marketing people talk value, they use words—words that lack precision—and rarely use numbers.

The solution is an approach to sales and marketing that goes beyond articulating features and benefits but in fact calculates the full economic value a customer receives from a product or service; the seller is then able to price the product or service as a true reflection of that value. This is what makes numerical skills a must have for Sales People!

Businesses do not buy; they invest. Every time a company makes a purchase decision, it is committing company capital. In theory, that capital is constantly being allocated and reallocated to achieve the best available return. Too few companies exercise this discipline for all purchases. And far fewer companies market and sell in a way that permits customers to understand the economic value provided in return for the investment. Whatever you do, you must map exactly how your offering translates to value for your customer’s business. Numerical Skills are important if you have to succeed in selling!

(Adapted from the summary of Dollarization Discipline in the book Sales Gurus)

If there's one thing that's certain in business, it's uncertainty

– Stephen Covey–