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Are your Sales Teams ready to take-off into a whole new future?


How often do you reflect..

“We are a small, ambitious Sales Organization, eager to learn and grow.  We want to empower our people with the best of skills and processes in Selling and Sales Management. Our size has been our challenge in accessing world class Sales Training! Our numbers don’t make an engaging classroom, that can affordably enthuse a world class Sales Training provider! What do we do?”

Welcome to MIPP – Mercuri India Public Programs!

At Mercuri India we have been at the cutting edge of world class Sales Training and Sales Performance Consulting for more than three decades. We serve Customers across the spectrum of industry, in the old and new economy, with sales teams large and small, from start-ups to grown-ups. We know your pulse!   

We know your Sales Teams are busy than ever before! And they are doing things they never did before! 

As Customers take to new ways of buying, Sales People are meeting their Customers where they are! Conversations have galloped from personal face to face, to virtual screen to screen, preceded by texting, mailing and Social Media interactions.  These platforms, methods are new...  for Customers and for Sales People.  And this is our new normal! Yet, the time tested concepts of Sales continue to work even in this new era!

The challenge then, is however small your numbers may be, or however dispersed your sales team is, how you help them adapt the unchanging core concepts of selling to this new normal?

How do you equip your sales people and sales managers, for this new hybrid world, for this new way of hybrid selling using the classic timeless fundamentals, adapting them to the new world and making them well rounded? 

How do you help them take-off into a whole new future, that's already here?  

Come... Get your Sales Teams on board the flight of 'Learning the Art and Science of Selling'

  • When - The  Flight takes off on the  1st of every month starting from May and will be in air for 45 days.
  • Entries close on - Check in closes on 22nd of previous months
  • Access to Digital Learning - The boarding pass will be given a day before the take-off and it will be in the form of access to our Digital Learning, the one with a difference
  • Bonus window of access - Participants will be getting bonus flight for another 45 days with additional courses to sharpen the skills.
  • Digital supplemented with Virtual classes - The Digital Learning will be supplemented by Virtual Classes run by  highly experienced Mercuri India Facilitators aka Flight Captains in a highly interactive, participative and engaging manner.

We are positive your team will benefit in many ways.


6 Unique Benefits of a MIPP

1.Practice makes you perfect - Your people learn by practice

2.Get comfortable with all modes of selling - You pick up skills to sell and manage better, whether through virtual media, or traditional methods

3.Training comes to where you are - The program can be done from the comfort of wherever you are

4.Use your off-sales hours to schedule learning - In convenient evening classes without taking away the prime sales time

5.Supported by world class expertise - Supported by the unparalleled expertise of Mercuri India Facilitators

6.Great  value  investment levels

So, what are the 2 Mercuri India Public Programs about ?

MIPP now offers two world class Certification Courses -  one for Sales Professionals and another for Sales Managers

Mercuri India Certified Sales Professional Course

Understanding the structured selling process  | Practice selling skills vital to succeed in Face to Face, Screen to Screen & Telephone Selling | Recognizing the nuances of selling as a science | Building and using a tangible value proposition to selling value  |  Developing the Sales Technique and Persona that succeeds in physical and virtual platforms... Use of Platforms and Tools - Precision, Purpose and Positioning..   Nuggets in Virtual Selling 

Mercuri India Certified Sales Management Professional Course

Understanding the structured process of Sales Management  | Steering and Managing Sales Performance | Learning the fremework to leading Sales Teams for short term and long term results | Becoming a Data driven Sales Manager

MIPP Learning flights are scheduled on demand, and are designed to equip your Sales Teams to fly high into their new future!  Get your people on board..  Ask for your itinerary, and flight plans here!

Mercuri India Public Programs - MIPP -

2 World Class Online Certification Courses for Sales People


Mercuri India Certified Sales Manager Course

Sales Management is about delivering today's results and developing capability for tomorrow's performance

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Mercuri India Certified Sales Professional Course

A lot has changed in the world of sales over the last 2 years.

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