Mastering Training Design

What makes Sales Training stick? 

In a world challenged for sales people time and sales training budgets, iterations and experiments are a luxury.  How does a Sales Trainer get his instruction right the first time, every time?  Welcome to the world of 4MAT Instruction Design... One of the best kept secrets in our Training Design Toolbox.  We are willing and ready to teach it.  Are you ready to learn?

Welcome to a new way of thinking about learning

About 4 MAT®

4MAT® is an Instruction Design Methodology for helping all learners be successful.
It offers teachers & trainers a way to reach all the types of learners. It offers learners insight into their personal approach to learning. The 4MAT® Model will take any learning experience to a higher level. It helps discover resources for learners and for understanding what makes learners tick, including the most used Learning Type Measure.

4MAT® – Program Objectives

4MAT® improves effectiveness of Trainers, Teachers and Learning & Development teams by:

  • Imparting skills to design & develop instructional sessions
  • Getting them to appreciate the different ways in which people perceive and process information
  • Helping them understand how to capitalize on the differences
  • Enabling teachers & trainers to incorporate both analytical & synthesizing - instructional strategies into their sessions

4MAT® is the right platform for an effective Train the Trainer initiative that targets improvements in Instructional Design making learning appeal to people of different Learning Types.

4MAT® Mastering Training Design – Program Content

The 4MAT® Mastering Training Design Program enhances the Quality of Learning in the Organization by equipping its participants to :

  • Explore elements of high performance learning
  • Broaden their understanding of why and how people learn
  • Use the simple and effective 4MAT® frame work for improving the quality of any learning process
  • Understand and accommodate learning differences
  • Use more dynamic, engaging pedagogy - teaching methods to increase student learning
  • Design more efficient and effective curriculum
  • Conceptualize instruction to increase its relevance for students

At Mercuri India we have been practicing the Principles of 4MAT® for several years in our in-house train the trainer initiatives and in designing & delivering exemplary performance improvement solutions to a discerning clientele across a wide range of industries and geographies. We are ready to share our learning of 4MAT® because we are committed to enhancing the Quality of learning in Organizations.

To know how 4MAT® Mastering Training Design can enhance the Quality of Learning in your Organization, Contact Us today. A Mercuri Consultant will be glad to assist you.

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