What is Celemi Performance?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.. because they see possibilities where others see obstacles. Doing that requires stretching the mind.. which is what the Celemi Performance business simulation does.

Participants in teams of four, dive into a fictitious Company that faces some real world issues. As its responsible managers, the teams have to engage in getting its basics right, and create a competitive strategy.

How does Celemi Performance enhance your people’s capabilities?

As they get to understand this fictitious company, participants reflect on the issues they face in their own Organization. Working together they develop a shared understanding of what their own Organization is up against. People will learn and dialogue on strategically important topics like product life-cycles, supply chain efficiency, disruptive technology, Customer segmentation and long-term vs short-term profitability. Having to come up with a solution, teams equip themselves to:

  • Get the basics right
  • Choose the right Customers to acquire, nurture and retain.. Create Market Focus.
  • Make small improvements that make a big impact on the bottom line.
  • Stay focused on what can be done, even when conditions are harsh.. Make decisions before they become inevitable.

What are the benefits for your Organization?

A half a day Celemi Performance workshop can :

  • Increase resilience within the Organization, as participants learn to stay focused on what can be done.
  • Help build Strategic Advantage in areas such as Supply Chain, Customer Segmentation, Product Life Cycle and Value Added Services.
  • Enable highly effective Strategic Planning sessions.
  • Create a overall strategic view for Sales & Marketing teams.
  • Help Senior Leaders to communicate ongoing strategic initiatives.

Who in your Organization benefits from Celemi Performance?

  • Senior and middle managers at large organizations with a product and service offering can use Celemi Performance to put their strategy into action- fast.
  • All colleagues who need to have a common understanding - of the big picture as well as how they need to share responsibilities - can benefit.
  • Managers responsible for Training can use the simulation for hands-on, interactive education and for Communicating Strategy to a chosen audience.

Running Celemi Performance requires top-notch facilitation skills, rich business understanding, strategic thinking, swift execution skills and a proactive mindset. Consultants from Mercuri India fit the bill brilliantly, as they come with rich hands-on business experience, and the learning rigour that comes with running this simulation for Clients from across a wide range of industries and geographies.

To know how the Celemi Performance can make a difference to your organization, Contact Us today. A Mercuri Consultant will be glad to assist you.

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