What is The Medici Game?

The world is changing fast.. new markets, new technologies. To stay ahead you need to innovate. The Medici Game is a Celemi PowerdialogueTM on innovation. It’s based on the bestselling book "The Medici Effect" by France Johansson.

The Medici Game is designed to help organizations inspire & engage people in the practice of innovation and to improve conditions for breakthrough innovation. It targets all types of organizations across industries & people at all levels.

The Medici Game explores the core concept of what makes innovation effective and what employees within an organization can do to become effective innovators. Teams engage in a PowerdialogueTM about the conditions needed in their organization for intersectional innovation to occur.. including Product Innovation and Business Innovation.

How does The Medici Game enhance your people’s capabilities?

The power dialogue process of The Medici Game helps to :

  • Inspire & engage people in the practice of innovation – opens people’s minds, and gets them to think out-of-the-box.
  • Improve conditions for breakthrough innovation
  • Create an innovative environment and support a culture shift
  • Experience the power of dialog leading to discovery

The game gives participants a hands-on experience of Managing Innovation.

What are the benefits for your Organization?

Organizations leverage The Medici Game to accelerate sustainable growth by helping their people:

  • Understand the difference between directional & intersectional innovation
  • Practice breakthrough thinking, leveraging diversity.. to explore, find and capitalize on new growth opportunities
  • Think differently on how to break down barriers and mange diverse teams
  • Leverage their creativity, inspiring them to thinking big.

Who in your Organization benefits from The Medici Game?

  • People across levels benefit from learning the practice of Innovation.
  • Project Leaders leverage The Medici Game to break the ice as they embark on a new project, and help people realize what they have to unlearn and learn in order to succeed as a team.
  • Managers across levels benefit from the new energy unleashed by such out-of-the-box thinking.

Running The Medici Game requires top-notch facilitation skills, a flair for lateral thinking & rich business understanding. Consultants from Mercuri India fit the bill brilliantly, as they come with rich hands on business experience, and the learning rigor that comes with running this simulation for Clients from across a wide range of industries and geographies.

To know how The Medici Game can make a difference to your organization, Contact Us today. A Mercuri Consultant will be glad to assist you.

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