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Does your Sales Training (or any training) recognise learning styles of all learners?  

Sales is an ‘always on’ profession. One of the perpetual challenges for sales professionals is making time for renew themselve through learning. Then there is the challenge of getting training budgets approved. Clearly, there is no room for iterations or experiments in ensuring that sales training works. And this is true of not just sales training but every kind of training or adult learning 

So, is there way to get training instruction, whether sales or any other, right the first time, every time?  

A typical group of adult learners is almost always made up individuals with uniquely different learning styles. Unless the trainer creates an instructional design that works for all of them, the training cannot accomplish its learning objectives.  

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4MAT’s© Instruction Design shines a light on how the Natural Learning Cycle works differently for different individuals. 4MAT’s research shows that there are 4 distinctive learning styles that create varying learning needs. 

The e-book “4MAT Pure and Simple: Learning About Learning”   explains the learning styles this way: 

  • We all travel the complete cycle, we feel, we reflect, we think, we act. But we have comfort spots, places where we feel more at home. 
  • People who favour
  1. Feeling and reflecting are Type One Learners – Preferring discussion and sharing 
  2. Thinking and reflecting are Type Two Learners – They enjoy information and analysis
  3. Thinking and acting are Type Three Learners – With a liking for problems and experimentation
  4. Acting and feeling are Type Four Learners – In favour of innovation and adaptations. 
  • The research is clear. Most of us favour one place on the cycle more than the other three. 

The book summarises the heart of the challenge in designing effective trainings memorably: “The good news is that all four styles are equally first rate. The bad news is that many teachers don’t know that” 

In this, could be the secret sauce of designing training that delivers learning which sticks in the workplace 

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

– Anthony J. D’Angelo –
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