True caring is visible

Caring: True Caring is visible

After lockdown came into force, your six month old sedan is idling in the apartment parking lot. You get an unexpected call from your dealer. “Sir, You may know this already. But just called to check if have you been starting the car every 2 – 3 days? Else there’s a risk of battery dying. Please make sure you move your car at least once a week. That way you can prevent tyres from getting flat spots”

Isn’t that a story you would love to tell your friends? That’s visible care, born of genuine interest for the Customer. The kind that grows effortless referrals

Action Question: What is the one proactive caring action you can take in your business right now?

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Mercuriindia | True Caring is Easy - Not Easy to Practice

2.Caring: True caring is easy but it’s not easy to practice

Your run a distribution agency supplying TMT bars used in construction. Thing were going great till Covid disrupted business. 

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Thinking Beyond Selling and Sales | Mercuri International Sales Training Organization

3.Helpful: Thinking beyond selling and sales

You own a 10 year old logistics company connecting farms to city super markets. Vegetable farmers using your services have all been with you for over 5 years.

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