Thinking Beyond Selling and Sales

Helpful: Thinking beyond selling and sales

You own a 10 year old logistics company connecting farms to city super markets. Vegetable farmers using your services have all been with you for over 5 years. Recent supply disruptions due to the virus situation has resulted in harvest build up in 2 large farms. With extra trips you can clear them. That will also satisfy the pent up demand in supermarkets. But the extra trips could reduce substantially reduce your margins. What action will you choose?

The ideal sales professional, sets self and own business aside. He invests time in helping the Customer beat the odds or fight a crisis. That’s how he is ‘remembered’ not ‘noticed’

Action Question: What is the one top-of-mind challenge your key accounts face now and how can you help them?

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4.Switches on a C Suite analytical mindset

Building #Sales Resilience is the need of the hour! It can be learned. In this series "100 Ways to Sales Resilience" we share simple yet powerful ideas that you and your sales people can use to overcome sales challenges ahead.

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6.Won't give up

Nature demonstrates resilience in beautiful ways! How about hashtag #Sales people? Find out in this 6th dispatch of '100 Ways to Sales Resilience'. Share this post.. because it takes Resilient Sales to build a Resilient India.

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