SUGGESTIVE: Deftly uncovers unarticulated needs to add value

SUGGESTIVE: Deftly uncovers unarticulated needs to add value

Territory Head of Transaction Banking: “I used to think in-store shopping will die and will be gobbled by ecommerce eventually. Yesterday changed everything”

RM: “Interesting, what prompted the sudden change over?”

Territory Head: I went shopping for a blazer last evening. We have this virtual meeting with MNO Clean Air, a startup specializing in air purifying solutions. If the keep the buzz around them going, they might become a Unicorn next year. Some VC representatives will also be there on the call. So I thought it will be good to make an impression on them”

RM: “You bought the blazer?”

Territory Head: “Wait till I get to the end.. The young salesperson in charge asked me. “Blazer for a special occasion Sir?” I said “An important online meeting” And he says “Grey would do great Sir. Style guide suggests a turquoise blue tie and a white shirt with it. I repeated “It’s a virtual meeting. Do you think all that is needed?” He says “No Sir that wouldn’t be strictly formal. Yet it will look subtle and social. Right tone for a virtual meet. Can we show you a few other accessories Sir?”

RM: “So you settled for the grey blazer?”

Territory Head: “I fell for it, wallet first. I ended up buying an entire ensemble, trousers, tie-pin, cufflinks and socks to match. There was no defence against that kind of pitch. Now I think even in the Corona Era in-store shopping won’t die. With salespeople like that one, it will flourish!”

RM:“Sir, you wanted to discuss what we should offer to MNO Clean Air?”

Territory Head: “That blue tie incident yesterday gave me an idea. MNO wants our support in just managing salary accounts. But I think like that store salesperson we should go ahead and boldly suggest a service bouquet to address all their current and future needs. Our Cash Management Services, for instance, can be a big help once their product gains pan India acceptance”

RM: “That would be fantastic Sir. My learning from this story is, we should become suggestive about needs the Customer isn’t able to perceive or articulate”

Sales professionals who excel at salescraft are suggestive because they are on fire to add more value to their Customers. They incessantly ask themselves “What more can we do to our Customers?”

Their suggestive behaviour helps them achieve 3 Customer objectives –

  1. Take selling beyond the stated need (More than just a blazer/salary accounts in our story)
  2. Spot latent needs, bring them up and influence them suitably to arrive at helpful solutions ( Blue tie accessories/Cash management services and solution boutique in the story)
  3. Get the Customer to own the discovered need. This elevates the sales to a memorable ‘service’ experience


Action Question:  In your upcoming Sales Call, what products or services would be helpful to the Customer other than the one to be discussed? How can you be 'suggestive' in bringing this up?

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About the series: This is the 28th in a series of 100 Posts that seek to build your #Sales Resilience.. as an individual salesperson, as a sales team, and as a sales organization. Because a Resilient India needs Resilient Sales.


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