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The future of sales is here


I am not going to talk about past, I am going to talk about future. The future of sales is here. Three big positives, or the big shifts of the last few months.

  1. As sales people we can make more number of visits, contact more number of customers, and that’s not going to be as difficult as it was before.
  2. We can actually spend more time with Customers frequently and 'there is no such place as far away'. That’s what Richard Bach said in a lovely book several years ago.
  3. The Customers are more than willing to meet us anytime, anywhere because it’s a beautiful virtual world.

Virtual has always been there in the world, in some form of nature. Now I think its getting a shape, its taking some kind of a form. Its going to be of great value to the sales organization, the sales professionals.

Mercuri India has always been in the forefront of sales capability building across the world. In humble way we are the sales experts

We started this journey several months ago before this big shift happened. So, what are we going to do? How do we help organizations which do not have large number of sales people but have to equip them with skills for being sales effective? We have always been in this contribution through Mercuri India Sales Academy. And now, the Mercuri India Sales Academy is going to be virtual.

Nothing is going to be more important than sales in the next 6 months, 12 months, 18 months. Sales people are going to be in the trenches, in the forefront making things happen. How do we equip your sales people, how do we equip your sales managers? More so, how do we equip them for this new world, for this new way of selling using the classic timeless fundamentals, adapting them to the new world and making them well rounded.

Let me introduce Mercuri India Sales Academy - Virtual.

Remember simple 5 step process. Prework, Pre Read, Pre watch. Six or Seven classes of 2 hours each in an engaging way. Evening so that the best time of the sales people in the field is protected. It could be even weekend on Saturdays to make self-learning becoming even more focused and stronger. Followed by a nice way of really spending time in them and helping them to really show their understanding through a lovely online test, and a 30 minute coaching to coach them effectively to become top class sales professional with some more watches, some more podcasts and finally they become the member of the Mercuri India Alumni with a continuous access to knowledge and wisdom from the world, from the different parts of the world.

The 5 steps VMISA, Virtual Mercuri India Sales Academy. Friends let’s make sales happen. The time is now to make it happen.

Looking forward to see you soon in a VMISA virtual class room,

For Team Mercuri India


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