Pausing to say "Thank You!"​

Pausing to say "Thank You!"

Dear Reader,

Selling is the heart beat of any economic recovery

Pandemic, Recession, Disruptions. Never has the world looked up to the Sales Community so much as it does now. The way we buy has changed for sure. The core of good selling has not and will not. As long as mankind aspires for a better life and rightly so , it needs sales people to fulfil and fuel that dream.

The Mercuri India Experience: Sales Excellence is about doing small things extraordinarily well

Our learning from decades of work has been simple, yet profound. Sales Excellence is about doing many small things extraordinarily well. It can be learned. And the same is true for Sales Resilience in these extraordinary times.

The Break Helped us Rediscover Resilience Once More

We hit the pause and reflect on what could be the best way of helping the Sales Community surge forward into a new and better tomorrow. From those reflections was born, the idea of doing a 100 Ways to Sales Resilience series.

100 Ways to Sales Resilience: A 3 Minute Read & A 10 Minute DIY Sales Lesson

In keeping with our passion for simplicity and clarity, we encourage people to practice positive sales behaviours – one at a time, not necessarily all. But we didn’t want to stop there. We topped up the offering with necessary frameworks and tools that help hardwire change. And, for those who love the world of ideas and concepts, we rounded off the posts with links to insightful reading material from our substantial archives.

One positive behaviour every day, Monday – Friday.

We crossed 50 posts yesterday

And I’m pausing, to say “Thank you!”

These Behaviours Work Because they are Learnable

Each one of these 100 positive sales behaviours have worked for me, my colleagues at Mercuri India and our community of Clients. The secret sauce here is, all of these behaviours are within our circle of influence as sales persons. I believe they hold the potential to transform sales performance anywhere, anytime. Particularly in a downturn like this, these behaviours when practiced with diligence, will accelerate the building of Sales Resilience, which is the need of the hour for all of us as a sales community and as a nation.

Resilient Sales, Resilient India: Let’s make sales happen!

I’m gratified by the positive response coming in from all of you, through social media engagements, and through emails and phone calls. And, I must thank all of you who have shared these posts with the hashtag #MiSalesResilience, because through every such share, you have made it possible for us at Mercuri India to contribute Rs 10 to the PMCARES FUND.

50 posts have flowed past in a jiffy. And 50 more are on the way. We owe our wellbeing to this profession that has transformed humanity unfailingly, time and again. We owe it to the generations that will follow.

Please do feel free to share these posts, and that will help us at Mercuri India to contribute even more to the PMCARES Fund. Practice these positive behaviours, and experience their transformational potential.

We need that. Resilient Sales. Resilient India.



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