OUTSTANDING: Uses signature sales practices to continuously delight Customers

OUTSTANDING: Uses signature sales practices to continuously delight Customers

“We will ship the material tomorrow, Rattanji” said Nasim “The consignment should reach you by Monday. Transporters have resumed. So 3 days should be all it takes”

About to hang up, Nasim remembered something. “Rattanji, you said you would be transferring the invoice amount once the material is received. Just wanted to check which bank it will come through

“XYZ Bank, Nasim Sahib” said Rattanji, “They are our bankers for 10 years now”

“But Sir, aren’t they an expensive bank? I heard their charges are more than other banks on most transactions. Their interest rates are also higher, I was told. How come some one so cost conscious like you is banking with them?”

“You’re right Nasim Saheb” said Rattanji, speaking slowly “They do charge a little more. But we have been assigned a Relationship Manager who has worked with us all these 10 years. He joined as a junior RM when we started with this bank. Now he has become some Cluster Head or something. He still supports us. We can’t think of any other bank as long as he takes care of our account”

“What’s so special Sir? Between banks, what big difference can you find, except the rates and fees?”

“No, this RM is outstanding. He has a way of making us feel special. When RBI makes an announcement and rates are likely to change he alerts us. Any new investment product is introduced, we are the first to know”

“But most RMs do these things”

"That isn’t all Nasim Sahib, we get alerted when there is policy change on MSMEs. He even advises us on best practices being followed by Customers who have units similar to ours. He diarises and tracks all our deposits and notifies us. We get the best forex deals when we do occasional imports. He sends us industry reports that we find extremely useful. So what if we pay 0.5 or 1 percent additional? It’s entirely worth it”

“Rattanji, can you introduce him to us? I would like to check if he has any colleague of his in our city who can provide similar support”

Top notch sales professionals stand out. Top sales professionals are also passionate about continuously discovering new ways to add value. While their peers adopt known best practices, salespeople who excel develop their own unique signature practices to surprise and delight their Customers.

Signature practices aren’t found in any book and are individual to the salesperson creating them for their Customers.. In our story, Rattanji in spite of his sensitivity to pricing and interest costs, chose to stay with XYZ Bank, as he was impressed with their RM;s signature sales and service practices. Such salespeople inspire fierce Customer loyalty because they are quite simply outstanding!


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