#Misales Resilience

Dear Sales Enthusiast,

Yesterday, we crossed 96 posts in this series ‘100 Ways to Sales Resilience’. Here’s a big “Thank you” to all of you who have been with on this joyous journey.

Your participation has been significant on two counts…

Firstly, your thoughtful comments, likes and shares have fuelled our fire, to help Sales Teams with a 10 Minute DIY Sales Lesson every weekday, which they can use to bounce forward into their new normal.

Secondly, did you know that every time you shared any of these 96 posts with a hashtag #MiSalesResilience, we at Mercuri India have committed INR 10 to the #PMCaresFund ? We will soon share details of what your shares have notched up by way of contributions.

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This series will conclude with the upcoming four posts. Our commitment to foster Sales Excellence will continue.

#Sales Resilience is the need of the hour! It is built through practicing positive sales behaviours. This series presents 100 of them. The good news is, all 100 are learnable. You can!

A Resilient India needs Resilient Sales!

Let's make sales happen!

Team Mercuri India


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