How can you build Sales Resilience?

How can you build Sales Resilience?

Dear Sales Leader,

Resilience is much more than the ability to bounce back after a disruption. It’s the ability to adapt to, and bounce forward because of disruption. You know it. The question is - How?

Think about it.. There is so much happening around you that you can leverage to fire your way up.. That includes making the most of ‘100 Ways to Sales Resilience’ - our series of impactful sales behaviors that you and your team can practice, as you venture into the new normal.

'100 Ways to Sales Resilience' is a priceless collection of thoughtfully chosen positive sales behaviors , presented in ways that inspire learningful action. 18 behaviors await your attention on LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. You only have to follow the hashtag #MiSalesResilience, and you have all the 18 in one thread! And more to come!

“Come on Ranjit, when has sales been easy? Drink your tea and tell me about your weekend movie on Netflix”

Let these ideas ignite your thrust into the new normal..

Just follow this 5 step process:

1. Reach OR #MiSalesResilience. You will find 18 impactful Sales behaviors that you and your people can practice.. to build Sales Resilience.

2. Pick the behaviours that resonate with your current needs.. like Methodical, Focussed, Challenging, Analytical, Reliable.. and more to come.

3. Discuss them in your morning Brown Bag or Team Huddle.. whether face to face or virtual.

4. Use the ‘ACTION QUESTION’ to practice the behaviour.

5. Help people see these behaviors in perspective. Encourage them follow the ‘RELATED READING’ link in every post.


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