SHARES: Gives away valuable insights that inspire engagement

SHARES: Gives away valuable insights that inspire engagement

Overheard at the virtual first quarter review meet for newly on-boarded Relationship Managers

“Now we will look at what R has done and how we can support him. Can I have your full attention R? Could you please put away your phone for a few minutes? You seem to be so possessive about it?”

“Sir! This new phone has an 8 GB RAM, amazing battery life, 5G capability and high refresh rate display . It helps me stay connected 24X7 with prospects”

“Has it helped your business?”

“I just generated 6 new leads in the last 2 hours! Isn’t that nice?”

“Umm yes but what happened to the 10 leads you said you generated last month? I don’t see any conversions!”

“Sir I tried following up, but they didn’t want to go ahead...Idk why...”

“Show me your timeline! Please share your screen. Let me see what kind of activity and posts you are engaging in”

“Ok, so your latest share is a news break on Covid vaccine development. How’s that connected with our business?”

“Sir, I thought it was high impact news. It will be of general interest to all”

“And this other post on dog food. Will that help sell our industrial pumps?”

“I can explain that. One of my prospects has an industry that can use our pumps. He is a big dog lover and has a kennel of 6 dogs. I thought this post will be valuable to him”

“But R, will it help that prospect see you as an expert on industrial pumps?”

“Sorry Sir, that never occurred to me”

“Remember R, the content you share and insights you give away say a lot about you”

“And what’s this video you’ve posted a week ago?”

“Sir, this is stunning acrobatics by the differently abled. Will motivate anyone who watches it”

“And you think clients will offer you business for that?”

“But Sir, social media is the new market place. Shouldn’t we be active there?”

“Of course, yes. But you think the procurement manager looking for pumps will come to you after seeing your posts?”

“I think I get what you’re saying”

“R ,we should carefully pick and post content that will be useful to our Customers and potential Customers in solving problems and tapping opportunities. Ideally, they should find it valuable enough to share it with their contacts. That way you will be showcasing your expertise in understanding what is most valuable to our Customers. People may then think of you when they have a need for anything connected with pumps”

“Thank you Sir, now I know what type of content to share on virtual media platforms”

2 Tests to decide on what is shareable content

Socially-savvy sales professionals share engaging insights with their connections on virtual media platforms. Such insights include own and original posts and curated content that will be helpful and of value to their target groups.

They check and assure themselves that shared content passes two tests:

(1) Social Shareability – Shareability is a function of relevance and usefulness of content. Industry research, survey results, blogs with expert views and opinions, hot tips and hacks, how-to content that helps solve problems or take advantage of opportunities, company news that could be of value to the audience, are examples of shareable content

(2) Brand alignment – Shared content should be sensitive to the standards and values of the brand that the salesperson represents. It must also be directly relevant to the activity of the brand. Content that is unprofessional, irrelevant, trivial, disparaging of competition or of low quality should be avoided

As R’s manager advised him in our story, the best content is one that showcases the expertise of the salesperson. It should be so valuable that connections should feel like engaging with it, commenting, liking, and sharing it onward. It must make the connections see the salesperson as an expert to approach or turn to for advice and suggestions in the industry or business that the salesperson operates.

Sharing valuable insights showcasing your expertise with connections for whom it will be most useful, at the right time, is one of the simplest ways to establish yourself as a trusted advisor to your Customers.

More leads, faster closures and higher referrals will follow almost automatically.

Possible solution for the story situation – Before posting any content R should use the 4 Point Content Rater to ensure that the content chosen hits the Sweet Spot (See Anchor Practice below)

Anchor Practice: Here is a 4 Point Content Rater to check if your content is valuable

1. High on Social Shareability and High on Brand Alignment – Sweet Spot (Action: Good to share)

2. High on Social Shareability but Low on Brand Alignment – Spam (Action: Avoid. Ex: Covid vaccine content)

3. Low on Social Shareability and Low on Brand Alignment – Waste of Time (Action: Drop it)

4. High on Brand Alignment but Low on Social Shareability – Hard work (Action: Avoid. Ex: News about your company that’s not relevant to outsiders)

Pause to reflect:   "Sharing valuable insights showcasing your expertise with connections for whom it will be most useful, at the right time , is one of the simplest ways to establish yourself as a trusted advisor to your Customers"

Action Question:  “How can you apply the 4 Point Content Rater to add value to your posts on virtual media?

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Takeaway Quote:  "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" – Benjamin Franklin

About the series:   This is the 76th in a series of 100 Posts that seek to build your #Sales Resilience ... as an individual salesperson, as a sales team, and as a sales organization. Because a Resilient India needs Resilient Sales.


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