Exploring untried ways to serve Customers

Inventive: Exploring untried ways to serve Customers

A pan India diagnostic chain has a number of corporate customers for whom it carries out periodic preventive and maintenance health checks on employees above the age of 45. With social and physical distancing likely to be in practice in the short term, eligible employees are reluctant to come to the labs. So, the diagnostic chain offers to send its staff suitably dressed in Personal Protective Equipment to homes of eligible employees for collecting samples. These employees are anyway working from home

When conditions become difficult, the committed salesperson explores new and untried ways to reach and serve Customers. He is powered by the belief “The room to grow is always there”

Action Question: What is one creative way you can serve your key Customers better?

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1.Caring: True Caring is visible

After lockdown came into force, your six month old sedan is idling in the apartment parking lot. You get an unexpected call from your dealer.

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Thinking Beyond Selling and Sales | Sales Management Training

3.Helpful: Thinking beyond selling and sales

You own a 10 year old logistics company connecting farms to city super markets. Vegetable farmers using your services have all been with you for over 5 years.

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