Decisive expertise best for Customer

PRESCRIPTIVE: Decisive expertise best for Customer

The VP Sales of OPQ Technologies didn’t mince his words. “I think you guys are having deal closure challenges because you are wishy washy with your Customers”

The sales team wasn’t pleased. “Don’t get it Sir, how do you say that?” asked a senior RM, hardly able to hide his annoyance

The VP Sales said: “Don’t get me wrong guys. Please recognise that our company is in a complex product niche. The Customer is battling an avalanche of information, specially in complex technology solutions like the ones we are offering. Sizing up requirements and evaluating options gobbles up Customer’s time and saps his energies. It’s up to us to proactively step in and help the Customer reach a choice and not leave the purchase process hanging indefinitely”

“Sir, are you saying we aren’t doing enough?” asked an Cluster Head

“Sorry guys” said the VP Sales “I’m afraid I’m failing to get my message across. I will tell you a personal story that will convey the point I’m trying to make.

For all electrical issues in our home, I have a retainer electrician. In case he’s not in town, I wait till he returns. I don’t call anyone else. Why do I trust him so much? That’s because he not only knows his business, he doesn’t allow me to get paralyzed with confusion. He becomes prescriptive whenever needed. Last week we had a problem with some of our light fixtures and power outlets. I wanted to change them all. But my electrical wizard was firm. He said only one outlet point needs a change. He asked me to leave all the other fixtures as they are. Saved me so much of time, money and anxiety I paid him extra.

You guys need to do the same. Become prescriptive when Customers dither and keep decisions dangling because they are unable to choose. You do that and I assure you, your closures will improve dramatically”

Sales experts know that ‘responsive’ doesn’t always work. For complex products in niche segments, ‘prescriptive’ does the job. They recognise that excess of information and choices just bewilders the Customers and leaves decisions hanging. Also they are aware that typical B2B purchases involve quite a few stakeholders drawn from multiple roles, functions and geographies. Sensitive to this “tyranny of choice”, they are mindful of the post purchase angst that B2B buyers often experience over whether they have made the right choice. Considering all these pressures on the Customer, experienced sales professionals become prescriptive,with decisive expertise that help Customers make informed and beneficial choices.

What’s more, such value adding, cost and time saving prescriptive recommendations, earn the trust of the Customer

Action Question: List all your open deals still under discussion. In how many of them can you use a prescriptive approach to help speed up closure? How?

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