Creates excitement when communicating value

IMAGINATIVE: Creates excitement when communicating value

Aditi’s warm smile lit up the computer screens of her 3 Relationship Managers. “Send me a smiley on the chat window, if you are excited” she said beaming at the camera. Seconds later, there were 6 smileys on the chat trail. “Girls, it’s exciting, isn’t’ it? Economic activity is reviving. We can now pick up from where we left off last year. Our brand’s personal care kiosks inside 2 metro airports had a great start. We should gain entry into 5 more airports this year. Up for it, girls? Unmute and speak away”

“We can’t wait to jump into action Aditi” said Varsha “Even if it means doing any number of virtual meetings. Our biggest challenge is holding the attention of decision makers. Particularly since we are young and we present to seniors. Any tips Aditi?”

“Become imaginative. Make use of 2 proven techniques of story telling. It always works with my 3 year old. ‘”In a dense, dark jungle lived a wolf” I tell her. “He was big, bad, crafty. He set his eyes on a little white lamb. And then? …. The lamb tricked him. Listen how” This kind of structure and preview creates excitement - in stories and sales presentations. There is context, conflict, action and resolution. They make the story impactful. They can do the same for a sales presentation too”

Sales champions create excitement by being imaginative. They create a structure around which they weave their ideas: | Buyer's brief (Or situation as you understand it) | Customer's needs (Or how you view them) | How your proposal will meet the situation and needs |Why (you).... ? (Seller's Company) | Questions | Next steps. They give a preview of this structure. It generates excitement, like a movie trailer. And, creates impact when communicating value to the Customer

Then magic happens. Guaranteed


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