DEMONSTRATES: Convincingly showcases the value that Customer is looking for

DEMONSTRATES: Convincingly showcases the value that Customer is looking for

Param pumped a fist at the laptop screen. “Gotcha” he declared, “Got to call Dominic” The mail on the screen read

Javed N – Head Procurement & Logistics, Anesi Heavy Vehicles Ltd

From: Javed N

Sent: Thursday, July 30, 20XX 12.30 PM

To: Param

Subject: Supply subassemblies

Dear Param,

Further to your presentation on 23rd July, to our joint evaluation group (JEG) comprising representatives from our Production and Operations, an in-principle decision has been reached to place a trial order for 100 sub assembly kits from Classic Polymer Composites.

You are requested to:

1) Indicate dates by which we can expect the sub assemblies will be delivered (2) Inform us the names of technical experts who will support us in incorporating the sub assemblies in our manufacturing configuration, help test the new prototypes and provide quality assurance

Based on the outcome of the initial testing phase, a decision will be taken on further requirements

Best regards


Param called Dominic, Head of Specialty Product Sales for his company, Classic Polymer Composites.

“Dom” said Param “”Calling to report a bull’s eye. Your advice worked. Anesi has placed a trial order”

“Great job Comeback Kid!” laughed Dominic “Tell me, how did you swing it?”

“Did what you suggested. I used the DAPA selling method you had shared in our annual sales kick-off. I requested for a meeting with their production and operations folks. Before I went in, I did some more research on their future engineering ambitions and their willingness to try out innovations for cost rationalization in the long term. And as you had suggested, I kept my communication lines open with them. That’s how I could get them to give me a chance to make one more presentation with fresh ideas”

“Is that all it took to get the trial order” asked Dominic

“It wasn’t that easy” said Param “Like it is shown in DAPA, I had to re-purpose my earlier presentation to demonstrate how we had a solution that could be most appropriate for their long term ambitions. I had our R&D guys on the call and their technical people loved it. Their major reservation was investing big money in a space where they are still unsure. So we settled for a trial order. And I’m confident that with usage they will come back to us for more”

“How did you manage the Big P? Don’t tell me they had no price objections” said Dominic

“Come on Dom” said Param “No deal story is ever complete without a cliff hanger episode on price. Of course they haggled over the price, saying they are experimenting with untried tech. I went armed with two quotes - a rack quote, to start with and a special quote, I had saved for round II. I had also carried a cost sheet that showed how what they thought was the extra price would pay for itself with the extra cost savings and additional revenues our sub assemblies would deliver. That clinched it”

“DAPA delivers, yet again” said Dominic

Understanding Selling as a 4 Step Process

DAPA©, is a simple but powerful personal sales process from Mercuri International. Each of the 4 alphabets in the DAPA© acronym stands for a step in this approach to selling:

1) You Define the Customer’s requirement for your product or service

2) Customer Accepts your definition of the requirement

3) You Prove to the Customer that your product or service can fulfill the requirements

4) Customer Accepts the proof you’ve provided

The Second and Critical Half of DAPA

In our story, Param, like all salespeople found it easier to establish the Anesi’s need than to close the deal. That’s because PA involves demonstrating and proving to the Customer that your solution can perfectly meet the Customer’s requirements. Which is what Param did by getting his R&D people to join him on the call to convince the Customer’s technical experts.

The next step is to get the Customer's acceptance for the solution-effectiveness proof you’re providing. Only then closure can follow. The story doesn’t get over there. Resilient sales professionals use the closure to forge stronger ties with the Customer and deepen their relationships.

Possible solution for the story situation – Param would benefit by following DAPA through the entire sales process and use PA to effectively demonstrate solution superiority to close deals and inspire enduring Customer relationships (Anchor Practice below)

Anchor Practice: The DA of DAPA discovers and pinpoints the Customer need. PA helps demonstrate solution effectiveness and close the deal. The framework below gives the detailed PA of DAPA at a glance:


Bonus Tips for Virtual Sales Activity: In virtual sales activity, ensure that PA in DAPA includes social proof in terms of success stories and testimonials from other Customers who have used the product or service with benefits to show

Pause to reflect:   "PA involves demonstrating and proving to the Customer that your solution can perfectly meet the Customer’s requirements, get the Customer’s acceptance for it and the close the deal”.

Action Question:  How can you use PA to close deals more effectively in upcoming sales activity ?

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Takeaway Quote:  "Many will start fast, few will finish strong" - Gary Ryan Blair

About the series:   This is the 84th in a series of 100 Posts that seek to build your Sales Resilience ... as an individual salesperson, as a sales team, and as a sales organization. Because a Resilient India needs Resilient Sales.


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