Do Your On-Site Sales Teams Unlock Value of Intangibles? Try these 3 Keys That Can Open Lead Conversions

“What?” said Aneesh “Don’t tell me you’ve booked already! When I called you last Sunday, you were still unsure about buying a property in the first place”

“It was love at first visit” said Jayant. The pride in his voice was obvious “Happened so fast. I even transferred the token advance on Thursday, which my mother said was an auspicious day”

“Is it the same place, you were toying with, the Charming Meadows Township Project?”

“Yes, Aneesh” said Jayant “You should book a 3 BHK too. Would be good to have you for a neighbor”

“I can think about it” said Aneesh “But you will have to convince me on what made you decide so suddenly. I’m curious. In these 6 months after WFH really caught on, I knew your weekend schedule without asking. The number of properties you’ve seen! Of course, most were virtual tours and only some were physical visits. But I was wondering if you are buying a home or getting into real estate broking”

“I know” laughed Jayant “I wanted the property to be just right for my needs”

“And how do you know that this one meets all your needs”

“Here’s the thing” said Jayant “The Sales Manager who took me on a guided tour of the property and the apartment was very different. He was a really amazing guy who helped me reach this important decision, just like a trusted friend”

“Yes” said Aneesh “He must have been something special to convince a hardcore skeptic like you”

“The challenge for me” said Jayant “was never about the apartment as such. Many apartments I saw were quite awesome. It was always the other things that were not up to my expectations”

“So how was this different then?”

“This Sales Manager was very skilled at probingasking me many questions,  that helped identify my needs. He then walked me around, helping me discover how this place had almost everything I knew I needed, and also what I didn’t know I did. The clincher to me, was this. This Sales Manager ,who has almost become a friend now, did his prospecting very well.  He asks me if I have elderly parents. Surprised, I ask him how do you know.  Saw your Social Media profile pics Sir, he says. Next thing he asks is, if they go for walks every day. I tell him, yes but they have to go to a nearby park for which they have to cross the road with someone’s help. He then takes me to an exclusive space for the Senior citizens inside the complex which is safe and where they can walk, exercise and socialize in peace with other seniors. Best part is the paved path to this space is free of traffic and friendly to the elderly. Won’t that be a nice gift to your parents and give you peace of mind as a buyer he asks. A bulb lit up inside my head and I decided to buy this place”

“Quite a story, Jayant”

“That’s not all. This is s green apartment complex. Meaning, ecofriendly construction. A bit costlier. But the Sales Manager had seen my posts on social media supporting environment and sustainable practices. So, he is like ‘Sir, this is an apartment you would be proud to own as it is a IGBC certified green project” How do you resist that kind of pitch? I knew the sale closed there. These are things that matter for me. Otherwise what’s there to choose between apartments, Aneesh? They are all alike”

“Sounds exciting Jayant, I will join you when you go there on your next visit. Even I might like to seriously look at an apartment there”

What was the magic at work which convinced Jayant to book the apartment?

3 Keys to Open Real Estate Lead Conversions

All things being equal between housing properties, what often sways the decision of the buyer in favour of a particular property is the question – “What is the value I find in other benefits associated with the purchase?” 

So, are your Sales Managers skilled in tangiblising the value of factors other than just the apartment? Because, as every real estate veteran knows, it’s value from intangibles that often nudges the buyer to book   

Here are some examples of how sales managers can excel at Value Selling by tangiblising value of intangible factors grouped under 3 key areas:

  1. 1. External Intangibles

Some top intangibles that Real Estate Selling champions excel in tangibilizing, include:


  • Are the Sales Managers and sales staff demonstrating the value of locational advantages?
  • Is the demonstration personalised?
  • Do they have a mental checklist that they run through without fail?
  • Proximity to educational and health care facilities and access public transport and shopping?
  • Any other special benefit? 

How you can tangiblise benefit, to sell value and maximise sales conversion: “I think your children are still in primary school Sir. There’s an excellent school run by an international group just 200 meters from here. On days when there is traffic disruption, they can safely walk home” 


Is the space utilization, convenience, safety and special benefits of the parking area being highlighted? 

How you can tangiblise benefit, to sell value: : “You are a discerning buyer Sir. You pay a lot of attention to safety and security. It will interest you to know that our project has got even the parking spaces safety certified as quake resistant and safe for use”

Common amenities

Are stand out features, if any, in common amenities such as swimming pool, club house and gym being highlighted in relation to comparable projects?

How you can tangiblise benefit, to sell value and maximise lead conversion: “You were mentioning that you do yoga every day. Our gym has a separate space, which is partially in the open, to accommodate yoga enthusiasts. I’m sure you will enjoy your yoga sessions there”

  1. 2. Internal Intangibles

Do Salespeople on the site, in charge of property visits, take care to sell value by pointing out features and benefits of -

  • Storage space – Inside closets and in-built cupboards
  • Safety features – Specific to children, elderly and differently abled
  • Natural light – Windows, doors and cross ventilation
  • Kitchen and bath furnishings – Safety, comfort and luxury features
  • Finish quality – A frequently missed intangible, this can bring immense Customer satisfaction 

How you can tangiblise benefit, to sell value and maximise lead conversion: “Sir, you were telling me, you may not stay here and you see this more as an investment. You would have noticed that our project intro booklet mentions how it would be great to invest in this project. The quality of the plumbing and electrical fittings is an example of that long-term value. I’m not talking about just the cost savings in maintenance and economy in power and water. I’m referring to the resale value the investment will fetch. Even after 5 – 6 years, the next buyer needn’t spend anything to redo or refurbish. The construction and finish are that solid” 

  1. 3. Visit Related Intangibles
  • Was the on-site walk-through smooth and seamless?
  • Are collaterals checked for freshness and right placement?
  • What’s the quality of site and show on hygiene factors?
  • On time availability of on-site salespeople and their empathy? 

How you can tangiblise benefit, to sell value and maximise lead conversion: “We have planned this visit in such a way, we will first see things about which are of major interest to you. So, we cover the security and hygiene related features to start with and then take you through the other highlights of the project” 

How about your Sales Managers?

Do they pay attention to these factors that multiply Real Estate Sales Conversion? This approach of tangiblising the intangibles is easily learnable in a customised Real Estate Sales Training initiative, readily implementable and can quickly push up Sales Closures.

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For an accurate assessment of how strong are your onsite  Real Estate Sales  Conversion capabilities, and how you can make the most of the current spike in Customer interest to invest in Real Estate, leave your Contacts here.

A Mercuri India Consultant will be happy to set up a conversation at your convenience to understand your specific needs, and put together a customized Real Estate Sales Training solution, to get the best out of your On Site Sales Teams, before the current demand surge evaporates. Let’s talk!  Let’s make sales happen!

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