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Mercuri India Certified Sales Professional

Duration: 6 Weeks of intense + 9 Weeks of continuous learning 

Welcome to the Mercuri India Public Program

Who says gold standard Sales Training is the privilege of huge Organizations, with large Sales Teams?  So what if your people are ambitious, eager to learn, and yet, you don't have a large enough number of them, to make an engaging, viable worldclass classroom? 

In a new world that's even more impatient for growth, can you afford to have a Sales Team that's challenged to cope with unprecedented changes in the Customers buying behaviors? 

What hasn't changed, in a constantly changing world, is the buyers quest for Value. How do your Sales People demonstrate and deliver value in a hybrid world, where selling swings between traditionally personal and contemporarily digital? What are the winning sales behaviors, of the new hybrid world? Learn these from the Mercuri India Consultant Trainer, who excels in 'hybrid selling' on a 'day-to-day' basis. 

Happy Selling!

Here's presenting the Mercuri India Certified Sales Professional Course 

Course Objectives:

Understanding the structured selling process  | Practice selling skills vital to succeed in Face to Face, Screen to Screen & Telephone Selling | Recognizing the nuances of selling as a science | Building and using a tangible value proposition to selling value  |  Developing the Sales Technique and Persona that succeeds in physical and virtual platforms... Use of Platforms and Tools - Precision, Purpose and Positioning..   Nuggets in Virtual Selling

Course Coverage:

Selling – Selling – An art or a science? The structured process of Pre- Selling, Selling & Post Selling

Becoming an Assertive Sales Person

  1. Understanding an Assertive Sales Persona
  2. Assertive Selling - 4 behaviors and their consequences
  3. Assertive Techniques
  4. The art of Assertive Communication - Skills & Methods

How to have engaging Sales Conversations? Read More here

Sales Forecasting

  1. Understanding Sales Forecasting and its advantages
  2. Understand the importance of Sales Pipeline
  3. Guiding our Sales People to become better at Forecasting and Selling

3 Steps of this hybrid blended learning journey 

This hybrid learning journey begins with 13+ hours of Digital Learning Courses, as prework, before participants attend the two much sought after Mercuri India Instructor Led Virtual Classes ( MILVC ).  Following the 2 MILVCs are 10 more hours of Digital Learning Courses, that help deepen the learning further.  With classes delivered virtually, you learn from where you are! 

1 Before the MILVCs.. Digital Learning Course:

  • Essential Selling Skills +
  • How to become a great negotiator +
  • Remote Selling +
  • Some more courses from CrossKnowledge - over 13+ Hours

2 During two MILVCs of 2.5 Hours each

  • Concepts,
  • Tools,
  • Applications 
  • Individual Action Plan

3 After the two MILVCs

  • Certification at the end of MILVC2
  • Complimentary access to 10 Digital Learning Courses to enrich the learning further 


Who should attend

Sales Engineers, Sales Executives, anyone involved in Selling, in B2B environments

How this course benefits participants

Developing the Assertive Sales Technique and Persona, in a hybrid selling world

Thank you for your interest in Mercuri India Public Programs – MIPP.  When you opt for MIPP, you get the best  of  Digital and Instructor Led Online Sales Training experience, without the hassles of travel, and the compulsion of having to absent oneself from day to day sales activity.

MIPP Courses are scheduled on a demand basis. Course schedules are announced as and when we have sufficient nominations for an effective sales learning experience.  Please fill in the nomination form in the link below, with details of people you want to nominate.  We will get back to you to schedule a course that suits our mutual convenience. Let's make sales happen!

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