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DAPA – The Power of Customer-Driven Goal-Oriented Selling

Do you have a clear aim for every sales visit.


How to use Social Selling to take your B2B sales to a higher level

Unique demands on salesperson in problem solving sales

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The future state of sales

How should we orient ourselves amongst the rapid change in the business environment? Which technologies matter? What should we invest in for the long term?

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Here are some Mercuri India’s classic Knowledge Blocks, that address opportunities and challenges which Sales Professionals deal with at work.

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Mercuri Mail

Mercuri Mail is a thoughtful compilation of meaningful articles drawn from Mercuri India archives, and from timeless management literature.

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In Essence

In Essence documents are annotations of insightful publications in academic journals of repute, fostering sales excellence.

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Selling is Beautiful

Whatever the size of the quota, your sales team can crush it, with these Sales Tarot cards, lived one at a time.

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Extreme Money: The Masters of The Universe and The Cult of Risk - Satyajit Das

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Beyond Sales

“If banks cannot be truly Customer intimate, they are doomed to be just dumb commodities, acting behind the scenes, like utilities” – J P Nicols

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MI Quest

How can the Sales Training Professionals of today design learning experiences that engage and inspire sustainable excellence in their audience?

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100 ways to sales resilience

In this series "100 Ways to Sales Resilience" we share simple yet powerful ideas that you and your sales people can use to overcome sales challenges ahead.

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