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Sales Knowledge is the beginning of Sales Excellence!   

For more than 35 years, at Mercuri India we are committed to share cutting edge Sales Knowledge that quenches your thirst for Sales Learning.  Here are timeless Sales Concepts, Sales  Tools, Sales Management Frameworks, that are sure to create Sales Insights, which when practiced, have empowered Sales success across industries and geographies.  These timeless basics stand tall as lighthouses that help find ones way,  through calm and turbulent times!    


Welcome to your Sales Knowledge Center !

In these pages, you will have access to some valuable Sales Knowledge resources:

  • In the section on Build Your Library, you will find some classic books on Sales and Leadership, for your Sales Library.
  • In the Sales Insights  page, you will find some very relevant monographs, sales whitepapers that showcase sales concepts, tools and sales management frameworks that help address opportunities and challenges that you deal with in a typical sales day.
  • The much sought after Mercuri Mail page takes you to all past issues of our quarterly India Journal, the Mercuri India Sales Newsletter that curates the best and most relevant Sales Knowledge , bringing you perspectives that empower. 
  • In Beyond Sales, you will even find some fine poetry to help you reflect , refresh and renew .   
  • The 100 Ways to Sales Resilience Page is a treasure trove of a hundred positive sales behaviours that help practitioners bounce forward into a new future with grit and confidence.  
  • For those of you who are inclined to academics,  in Sales Knowledge we have an In Essence section, where we feature a hand picked selection of publications from academic institutions of repute, annotating them to help connect cutting edge sales concepts in dealing with the sales realities one faces.  
  • And, for Sales Trainers who are keen to develop their skills in Sales Training Design, we have the MiQuest page, in which we share all those secret recipes for designing sales training that sticks.  

We will build this Sales Knowledge Center brick by brick. Periodically, we will share the essence of some of our powerful know-how blocks here. Take time to immerse yourself in the content here, and also share these with your co-learners, friends and colleagues. 

Make it a habit to come in here often, even if for a few minutes every now and then. For, we believe one can never be so busy a wood-cutter, that one doesn’t have the time to sharpen his axe!

Would you like to keep yourself up to speed with the latest additions to your Sales Knowledge Centre?  Please share your email id  here.   So we can inbox you every month, a summary of the latest additions here. We are responsible people. We don’t spam.

Happy learning ! Happy selling! Happy sharing !

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Here are some Mercuri India’s classic Knowledge Blocks, that address opportunities and challenges which Sales Professionals deal with at work.

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Mercuri Mail

Our Sales Journal - Mercuri Mail -  is a thoughtful compilation of meaningful articles drawn from our archives, and sales timeless management literature.

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In Essence

In Essence documents are annotations of insightful publications in academic journals of repute, fostering sales excellence.

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Selling is Beautiful

Whatever the size of the quota, your sales team can crush it, with these Sales Tarot cards, lived one at a time.

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Build Your Library

How about building your own sales library?  Here are some must reads that will make your collection meaningful!

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Beyond Sales

Here is some poetry that helps you unwind all the stress , and recharge to overcome more challenges.  Time to relax! 

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MI Quest

How can the Sales Training Professionals of today design learning experiences that engage and inspire sustainable excellence in their audience?

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In this series "100 Ways to Sales Resilience" we share simple yet powerful ideas that you and your sales people can use to overcome sales challenges ahead.

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