Mercuri International

Mercuri India is part of Mercuri International, spread across Europe, Middle East, USA, Latin America, Japan and Asia Pacific. With an international presence of more than 60 years, and more than 30 years in India,  Mercuri has a pedigree, few can match.  As the worlds largest Sales Performance Consultancy, we are a provider of total solutions that mirror international expertise and deep local knowledge.

A wide geographical coverage enables us to discover new trends and best practices that help us build product breadth and depth for today and tomorrow. Operating worldwide enhances understanding of Customer challenges and consequently leads to sharp and focused value-add to our Customers.

In short, it is not about just an impressive global reach, it is all about delivering results for the Customer.

We are proud of our global presence.   Guided by our values and driven by a passionate work ethic, we will continue to serve our Customers by delivering world class solutions that enable their sales teams to succeed in their new normal. 

Our success is a direct result of combining hand-chosen experts with strong values and a clear mission. Our achievements are directly linked to those of our clients. This partnership is what creates success, both globally and locally.

Through organic growth and acquisitions, the Mercuri Group has established itself as the world’s leading Sales Consulting and Result Improvement company.

To know more about what drives us, the caliber of people that we are, the kind of Customers we work with, and how we can help you grow profits through people, continue reading. To have a Mercuri  India Consultant talk with you about how we can help you bounce forward into the new normalContact Us.

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About Mercuri

Every year Mercuri International empowers companies in over 50 countries to achieve sales excellence.

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Our Values

Whatever we offer must add value to the Client. We take pride in being of contribution to our Customers as they REACH out for their highest aspirations.

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Our Clients

Mercuri India has undertaken significant sales performance consulting and training projects with many Clients from diverse industries and geographies.

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Our People

Every Mercuri india Consultant wears three hats - Salesperson, Trainer and Consultant.

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Why Mercuri India

Mercuri Consultants undergo continuous rigorous internal training and accreditation to be on the forefront of high quality training, coaching and consulting.

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Working at Mercuri India

We are part of Mercuri International - the world leader in Sales Training and Sales Consulting . Headquartered in Sweden we operate in 50 Countries in more than 30 languages.

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