What is Celemi Tango?

It takes two to tango. In the case of a Knowledge Company, it is the chemistry between Customers and People that makes the music. Celemi Tango is a business simulation in which, six knowledge-intensive firms enter into stiff competition, as they try to win clients and recruit key personnel in a rapidly changing market place.

Celemi Tango is ideal for IT, ITES, Consulting, KPO & BPO Organizations, where the overriding challenges are to manage ambiguity and to develop intangible assets and tangible assets to secure long-term profitability. Each firm in this business simulation is small and stable at the start but the market is growing quickly. Success is dependent on the management team’s ability to develop an agile, yet consistent firm.

How does Celemi Tango enhance your people’s capabilities?

Teams get to experience Managing a Knowledge Organization and understand: | Measuring the intangible value that the company offers clients | | Manage intangible assets.. attract the right type of employees, grow their competence, and keep them |  |Win the desired type of clients, and earn their loyalty | | Utilize resources wisely by monitoring the balance sheet and KPIs | | Harvest people-owned competence into company-owned tools and processes | | Stop competitors from stealing your key employees and clients | | Generate cash flow and profit | | Build a solid corporate culture | This makes Celemi Tango an ideal experience in Leadership Development as Project Managers learn to think & act like Business Managers.

What are the benefits for your Organization?

Celemi Tango gets people to understand & appreciate the nuances involved in Valuation of a Knowledge Company. Such pro-activeness pays-off in creating short-term results and long-term value, as people develop the ability to think and act in line with their strategy and corporate culture. Tango specializes in helping participants learn how to measure and market their company’s overall intangible value – How to look at People as assets - including their reputation, customer base, service offers, brand image, business processes & people’s expertise. Celemi Tango enables understanding of financial metrics & key performance indicators of knowledge and service-based organizations. Such organizations target Customers more effectively, managing their mix of Clients & people to improve long-term chemistry, productivity & profit. In short, this business simulation accelerates Leadership Development in Knowledge Organizations.

Who in your Organization benefits from Celemi Tango?

Celemi Tango is designed for employees at all levels within organizations that do business based on the competence of their personnel. The experience is scalable and relevant for organizations- from multinational consultancies to budding entrepreneurial ventures.

Running Celemi Tango requires top-notch facilitation skills, rich business understanding, strategic thinking, swift execution skills and an appreciation of nuances in managing enterprises of the new economy. Consultants from Mercuri India fit the bill brilliantly, as they come with rich hands-on business experience, and the learning rigour that comes with running this simulation for Clients from across a wide range of industries and geographies.

To experience in person hands on, how Celemi - Tango can make a difference to your organization, join the Discover CELEMI session at Pune on 23rd February!  Limited Seats! Register here.  Your only investment is your time!  

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