Celemi Enterprise

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What is Celemi Enterprise?

How do you get your people behind your Business Strategy in a marketplace that is rapidly changing? How?

Just tell them to align? Motivate? Teach? Train? Well, some things are not teachable! When teaching fails, try learning! We are not talking about  'learning by listening'..  this is about 'learning by living'!   That's the power of Celemi Enterprise - The business situation where six different companies compete for the same Customers in a dynamic marketplace. Participants take on the roles of the Management Team – playing Heads of Marketing & Sales, Development & Services, Planning & Delivery, Finance & Control. Their challenge is to build and execute a business strategy that delivers winning results. Teams embark on an adventure with promises of risk and reward where they have to be on their toes and think swiftly and strategically to succeed.  Teams 'Live It to learn it!'

How does Celemi Enterprise enhance your people’s capabilities?

Celemi Enterprise challenges participants to deal with uncertainties and balance short-term results with long term value. In the process of living these challenges, teams develop Business Acumen and learn Entrepreneurial Skills. They equip themselves to :

  • Meet Customer demands by developing an attractive and profitable product portfolio.
  • Deliver with excellence by getting the most out of people and processes.
  • Keep track of financial results- both short and long-term.
  • Decide on a desired market position.
  • Create and implement a Brand Strategy that delivers strong, sustainable brand value.
  • Formulate and execute a Sales Strategy that targets and sells to preferred customers.

What are the benefits for your Organization?

Celemi Enterprise motivates people to apply business concepts in executing their strategy, fast. Organizations use this Business Simulation to accelerate Leadership Development by: | Giving participants a common frame of reference of the overall business situation, which they absorb & understand quickly | | Offering a mental model of how the business works, what the priorities are and how to move forward | | Encouraging people to explore and discover the key value drivers of the business and their relative impact on the Organization | | Helping participants identify potential for improvement and how they can contribute to strategy and its execution through their own roles | | Inspiring people’s desire to make a difference | | Fostering Entrepreneurship skills|

Who in your Organization benefits from Celemi Enterprise?

  • Senior & middle managers at large enterprises with product & service offerings can use the simulation to execute strategy into action- fast.
  • Deliver with excellence by getting the most out of people and processes. Co-workers including newcomers gain a common understanding of the big picture as well as of how they as individuals can contribute to the Organization’s competitiveness.
  • Managers responsible for training can use the simulation for hands-on, interactive education and for communication of Organization’s strategy.

Running Celemi Enterprise requires top-notch facilitation skills, rich business understanding, strategic thinking & swift execution skills. Consultants from Mercuri India fit the bill brilliantly, as they come with rich hands-on business experience & the learning rigor that comes with running this simulation for Clients from a wide range of industries and geographies.

To experience in person hands on, how Celemi  Enterprise can make a difference to your organization, join the next Discover CELEMI session!  Share your interest here.  Your only investment is your time!  

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