METICULOUS: Always plans and prepares for every little detail

METICULOUS: Always plans and prepares for every little detail

Reaching the Customer company’s parking lot, Alex got into his car, took off his gloves and spread a large blob of sanitizer gel on his palm He wiped his hands thoroughly with it. He then doused a tissue with the liquid and carefully cleaned the steering wheel. He repeated it for the gear knob. Putting his gloves back on, he checked if his mask was properly fastened. Adjusting his shades, he turned the ignition. His phone rang, It was Syed, the Customer company’s Purchase Officer (Accessories) who had helped Alex get a meeting with the Head of Procurement

“Thanks a lot Syed. But what makes you say that?”

“He commented on how meticulous you seemed to be. Our Chief loves to get into details. So he was appreciative how well researched your presentation was, on the accessory needs of our company. He was also happy with your understanding of our procurement trends, our present supply chain sources and the Covid impact on our supply lines. Your product introduction quickly covered your entire range and capabilities. Also you had ready answers for all his questions on market comparisons and product functionalities. It was as if you had anticipated and prepared for all his queries”

“Oh, that’s nice of him Syed. Did he have anything to say about how soon we can send you a proposal?”

“Alex, it’s too early to talk about it. We have resumed just 3 weeks back. And with a new, stringent virus-prevention protocol in place, we aren’t operating to full capacity. Anyway this is just a quick heads-up”

“Thanks for everything Syed, I will share the latest research on the new accessory being tested that can reduce costs by up to 15 percent”

“That would be great”

An hour later, Alex eased his car into his company’s basement and his phone blinked. It was Syed, once again “Got some exciting news for you Alex. Head Procurement says we can start a trial of your company’s products. It will be a while before we order. But at least we could make a beginning”

“That’s wonderful Syed. I should thank you for all the support in making this meeting possible. I must confess, I’m pleasantly stunned” Alex laughed into the phone

“You know what Alex. Chief doesn’t meet anyone in person these days. He made an exception in your case. What also appears to have worked for you is the fact you were well groomed for the meeting. You came in formal full sleeves, complete with shoes, tie and a good face mask That plus your namaste, your digital business card and observance of distancing norms, left him impressed I think. He said, the products of a company with that kind of meticulous salesperson must be of good quality. Let’s try them out. Call them now and arrange for a trial, he said”

Ace sales professionals are a meticulous bunch. They prepare for every sales call, every meeting, every proposal with a fanatical attention to detail. They always start all sales activities by first thinking about the larger strategic goals in mind. They ask themselves -What long term relationship objective am I achieving through this activity? For example, is it gaining an entry or is it a larger wallet share? Then they identify the immediate goal to be accomplished towards reaching the long term objective (Ex: Get product sample approved).

This helps them meticulously marshall all the relevant details about the Customer’s objectives, challenges, situation, requirements and decision criteria. From this follows details of how your products, services and capabilities can meet what the Customer has in mind. Anticipating queries and objections are easy once this level of detailing is done. In our story, it is this kind of meticulous homework that helped Alex impress the Head of Procurement in the very first meeting.

The other unfair advantage that meticulous sales professionals enjoy is that their obsession for details makes them impeccable in their dealings. And that never fails to wow their Customers. Devotion to detail helps these meticulous maestros stay resilient by uncovering opportunities even in challenging times!

Action Question:  What are 5 ways in which you can become more meticulous? How can you incorporate the in your next Customer call or visit?

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About the series: This is the fourth in a series of 100 Posts that purport to build your #Sales Resilience.. as an individual salesperson, as a sales team, and as a sales organization. Because a Resilient India needs Resilient Sales.


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