Won't give up

Won't give up

The sales review video conference got over very fast. None had any big catch to report. As your colleagues leave one by one, your sales manager asks you “Still talking to Socratic Global (SG)?” It’s a query. And it’s also a gentle joke, because you have been after SG with weekly calls for over a year now. But it’s your turn to smile now. You unmute and speak: “Looks like something is cooking at last Chief”

Your company sells education tech solutions. SG has been on you radar. SG has a massive student base doing their professional accounting and compliance courses. You are convinced your content management platform will benefit SG immensely. If you get SG, that could mean a giant order for your company. But SG’s friendly Director has always had a stock response: “All our trainings are face to face. We don’t need any online platforms”. Last week was different. He looked worried on the video call. “We need to go virtual suddenly now. Any way, you can help?” You were tenacious, you kept calling. Now the seed in the desert soil is germinating. The prize for being tenacious and not giving up!

Sales and Relationships | Thinking Beyond Sales

5.Helpful: Thinking beyond selling and sales

You own a 10 year old logistics company connecting farms to city super markets. Vegetable farmers using your services have all been with you for over 5 years.

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Eager to Understand Customers Interest | Mercuri India

7.Eager to understand customers interest

Clinching #sales and relationships demands creating aha moments for your Customers. Many of us know this is important. Few of us know 'how' to do it

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