Switches on a C Suite analytical mindset

Switches on a C Suite analytical mindset

Your company manufactures capital equipment used by pharma industry. You learn that the CEO of a pharma major wants to expand capacity. You get a sense that the CEO’s plans have hit a roadblock in the Board, which has reservations about investing heavily on an expansion at this stage. Collecting published data and intra industry numbers, you create a business case which shows a 20 percent jump in revenues once expansion is completed. This is precisely the kind of projections the CEO needed. Now what are your chances of your company getting that capacity expansion project?

Sales Consultancy - Mercuri India | Constructively Challenges Customer

3.Challenging: Constructively challenges Customer

Constructively challenges Customer ,to add value Customer: “It may take another quarter for us to utilize full capacity. So we are thinking of ordering 40 percent of regular orders”..

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Sales Consulting Company - Mercuri International | Selling and Sales

5.Helpful: Thinking beyond selling and sales

You own a 10 year old logistics company connecting farms to city super markets. Vegetable farmers using your services have all been with you for over 5 years.

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