Keen to impart expertise

SPECIALIST - Keen to impart expertise

Ankur hit Mayur on speed dial.

Ankur: “Hey Mayur! How’s restart going with your company? I’m looking for a service provider who can disinfect and fumigate our premises. I have only heard and read a lot of scare stories on the virus. Don’t really know what is the best way to disinfect and protect”

Mayur: “Ok Ankur, here’s the thing. Don’t waste time searching around. Simply sign up with PQR Utility Services. And make sure you specifically ask for ‘Sammy’ Samuel, Relationship Manager”

Ankur: “What’s special with him Mayur?”

Mayur: “Tell you what Ankur, this Sammy is epic. He will not only help you get the job done, he will educate you on the MOHFW guidelines on how indoor areas and high contact surfaces should be disinfected and where to use sodium hypochlorite solution and where 70% alcohol is to be employed. Also he will share the WHO benchmarks so that your global HQ is happy you are following international standards”.

Ankur: “How does he manage so much?”

Mayur: “Well, Ankur, Sammy has a passion for staying up to speed with the latest developments and research in his domain of work. He is well read. And, is eager to share his expertise with you”

Specialist salespeople are in demand always, more so in tough times. Because, dealing with them is not just a great Customer experience. It’s an education. You are better informed and more sure of yourself, after having interacted with them.


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