Eager to Understand Customers Interest

Eager to understand customers interest

“Excuse me for being curious Sir” says the Salesperson, pointing to the large painting on the Customer’s wall. “Such a stunning painting! The flying horses look so familiar. Whose work is that Sir?”

“So happy to know you admire paintings” says the Customer “This is the work of M, whose canvases were all themed around horses”

“Aren’t they expensive Sir?”

“Yes, they are. The artworld regards every M painting to be a masterpiece. And you know something …..” Next 15 minutes conversation is all about art and M’s work

The Salesperson silently tells himself “Shouldn’t forget I am here to sell a vacuum cleaner” “When did you add this painting to your collection Sir?”

“It’s been with me for 11 years. Needs a lot of care to maintain”

“I can see that Sir. Impeccable maintenance! Must be difficult, with dust gathering regularly, manual cleaning may not be the most effective. A vacuum cleaner with variable suction, used along with a soft bristled brush can do much better!”

“Really!? Can you show me how?”

30 minutes later Salesperson walks out of the Customer’s place with a sale.

Magic? Not really. Just the result of an unstoppable, childlike curiosity to understand the Customers’ interests. It’s in discovering such unarticulated needs that you create aha moments which clinch deals and relationships!

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