The Power of Resilience

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Why Mercuri India?

10 Reasons

Quality Assurance

Quality is non-negotiable at Mercuri India.

Mercuri Consultants undergo continuous rigorous internal training and accreditation to be on the forefront of high quality training, coaching and consulting. Our process and practice are quite unparalleled. While every intervention may appear to be similar, a deeper analysis would reveal significant differences in the Mercuri offer and its sheer value to the client related in terms of :

  • The Solution
  • The Design
  • The Methodology
    • Practice driven
    • Specific roleplay and practice sessions
    • Group and individual tasks and exercises
    • Personalised
    • Interactive and participative
    • Games to highlight learning
    • Learn from within
    • More like a coaching room within a classroom
    • 4MAT¬†®¬†principles in design
  • Tasks and activities fully relate to the participant's need and situation
  • The 'feel' of the programmes is perceived by participants both rationally and emotionally
  • The constancy of high value we bring into everything that we do are through internal process accreditation
  • World-class inputs that reflect the Mercuri brand of confidence and reliability
  • Our responsibility to be Client centric in every aspect of our work